You will need
  • - pneumatic gun;
  • - drill with a diamond or hardened steel drill bit;
  • - turpentine;
  • - sulfuric acid;
  • water;
  • - sand or clay;
  • - pattern of wood, foam, glass, metal, or other material;
  • - emery powder.
The fastest way: take an air gun with a well-charged cylinder. Stand at a distance of several meters, carefully aim and shoot the bottle. Off the ball will break a bottle of champagne through and through, without breaking it. Note that two holes will be quite small diameter.
To drill a bottle hole of the desired diameter, first prepare the device for reliable fixation of the ware, for example, the box in which it will sit tight. Take the diamond drill bit for ceramics and very carefully, without squashing, puncture. Be sure to consider the cooling system. It can be constantly flowing water (need a helper) or a specially prepared cooler. To make it, make a template out of wood, foam or other material, drill in it a hole the desired diameter and fasten it with wax to the bottle. Fill the hole with emery powder (you can get it from the sandpaper, or abrasive wheel), mixed with turpentine.
To drill a hole in a glass bottle with a steel drill bit, before use, heat it hot and soak in sulfuric acid.
To drill a hole in the glass large diameter, take up of non-ferrous metal (aluminum, brass, copper, bronze) long, 2.5-5 cm and use it as a drill. To the glass attach the circle out of foam, glass, wood, metal or other material of the desired diameter, it will abut the tube during drilling. Pour into the open end of the tube is moistened with water sandpaper and slowly drill on low speed. Follow with emery paste, was always between the edges of the tube and glass.
If you want to do without drilling, take the clay or fine sand. Thoroughly wash the surface from grease and dirt with acetone, alcohol or gasoline. Pour the wet sand or clay, mix until pasty state, in the form of a roller coaster with a height of about 10 mm. Make a funnel with a stick or other tool, and the diameter of the translucent glass inside of holes should match the diameter of the desired hole. Melt in a metal tin with lead, tin or other solder, pour it into the resulting hole. The hole will with smooth edges, but learn that this method is suitable for glass no thicker than 3 mm.