Advice 1: How to make hole in glass bottle

For decorative or practical purposes it is sometimes necessary to make a hole in a glass bottle. It's not as difficult as it may seem, but first, practice on junk dishes, not to spoil a rare collectible bottle.

How to make hole in glass bottle
You will need
  • - pneumatic gun;
  • - drill with a diamond or hardened steel drill bit;
  • - turpentine;
  • - sulfuric acid;
  • water;
  • - sand or clay;
  • - pattern of wood, foam, glass, metal, or other material;
  • - emery powder.
The fastest way: take an air gun with a well-charged cylinder. Stand at a distance of several meters, carefully aim and shoot the bottle. Off the ball will break a bottle of champagne through and through, without breaking it. Note that two holes will be quite small diameter.
To drill a bottle hole of the desired diameter, first prepare the device for reliable fixation of the ware, for example, the box in which it will sit tight. Take the diamond drill bit for ceramics and very carefully, without squashing, puncture. Be sure to consider the cooling system. It can be constantly flowing water (need a helper) or a specially prepared cooler. To make it, make a template out of wood, foam or other material, drill in it a hole the desired diameter and fasten it with wax to the bottle. Fill the hole with emery powder (you can get it from the sandpaper, or abrasive wheel), mixed with turpentine.
To drill a hole in a glass bottle with a steel drill bit, before use, heat it hot and soak in sulfuric acid.
To drill a hole in the glass large diameter, take up of non-ferrous metal (aluminum, brass, copper, bronze) long, 2.5-5 cm and use it as a drill. To the glass attach the circle out of foam, glass, wood, metal or other material of the desired diameter, it will abut the tube during drilling. Pour into the open end of the tube is moistened with water sandpaper and slowly drill on low speed. Follow with emery paste, was always between the edges of the tube and glass.
If you want to do without drilling, take the clay or fine sand. Thoroughly wash the surface from grease and dirt with acetone, alcohol or gasoline. Pour the wet sand or clay, mix until pasty state, in the form of a roller coaster with a height of about 10 mm. Make a funnel with a stick or other tool, and the diameter of the translucent glass inside of holes should match the diameter of the desired hole. Melt in a metal tin with lead, tin or other solder, pour it into the resulting hole. The hole will with smooth edges, but learn that this method is suitable for glass no thicker than 3 mm.

Advice 2: How to punch a well for water

Before individual developers often raises the question of how to punch a well for water. Of course, to inhabitants of elite cottage settlements, this problem is irrelevant, since there the supply device is usually carried out industrially. But the owner may have to apply to this case your hands.
How to punch a well for water
You will need
  • Metal pipes of different diameter, tripod, plumb
The most economical method to drill a borehole for water is to do it manually. For this you will need a metal pipe. Are thin half-inch and inch longer. So choose a pipe of three quarters of an inch.
Since the drilling will be vertical, you will need a metal tripod. The tripod ring will protect the drill from the slopes. Install the tripod on the selected drilling well site. With a plumb define the exact center, which will be punching.
Working on your installation is a drill. To make it best of the cut pipes with a diameter of not less than 100 mm. If the diameter is more, it is not scary. So the diameter of 120 mm in the future will allow you to use most models of submersible pumps.
In the tube it is necessary to make cuts for cutting soil, and a vertical slot that you need for easy cleaning of the drill. On the other hand, the tube should have a lid and spigot for attachment of a pipe extension. The drill is ready to work.
Drilling a divot is a short collar. In very dry soil should be periodically pour in the drilling location, a pre-prepared water. After passing through the layer of turf replace the gate with a long pipe. The top of it should pass through the ring of the tripod.
As you progress into the drill, move the handle. Periodically clean the drill from dry soil. When the ground starts to "squish", it means that the well water appeared.
Now should be inserted into the well casing with a diameter of 100 mm. of the tube Wall should be thick enough.
Well ready. Lower it a submersible pump and start the gradual process of "swing". Here's how: turn on the pump, release the water, then goes to slurry pump is shut down. Gradually around the pump water formed a kind of "bulb".
Drilling usually takes a few hours. Much of the time takes you a training tool.

Advice 3: How to make a great hole in the metal

When performing various repair and construction works, it is often necessary to make a large diameter hole in metal or plastic.
How to make a great hole in the metal
When drilling large diameter holes, a number of difficulties. If you buy a sufficiently powerful drill is not difficult, but to have all the required drill diameters is a problem. Drill diameter 10 - 40 mm are quite expensive, bulky and their shanks may be clamped by the Chuck of a drill available. In addition, when drilling thin metal of a conventional drill turns the wrong hole triangular in shape. To overcome these difficulties helps step drill. It is a cone with ledges, each of which is responsible for its diameter. The most common in the sale of drill bits 9 - 12 sets of steps and allow you to make holes of 4 to 36mm in diameter. Allowed to drill holes in the solid metal up to 2mm, in colour and up to 5mm up to 10mm in plastic.
In order to make a hole step drill bit, it is necessary to clamp in the Chuck of a drill and tip to lean to the planned drilling point. To ncarnival the selected location is not necessary, since the drill does not slip, and immediately bites into the metal. Next, you need to start drilling, increasing gradually with each step the diameter of the hole to the required. At the end, the same drill can be done facet.

Advice 4: How to make a toy gun out of wood

Military-sports game with children can become a great way to demonstrate their fighting qualities, to develop tactical skills. An important item of equipment for the game is the weapons. You can not always find ready-made models of rifles and pistols, but that doesn't matter, because to make toy guns can even be made of wood.
How to make a toy gun out of wood
You will need
  • oak or pine Board;
  • - the range;
  • pencil;
  • vise or workbench;
  • - plane;
  • - wood saw;
  • jig - saw;
  • knife;
  • - chisel;
  • grinding machine;
  • - the file;
  • - sandpaper;
  • apparatus for burning wood;
  • Lac.
Pick the right Board for your model of gun. It is best to use for this purpose is oak or pine workpiece. Board thickness should be about 30 mm. Inspect the Board and select the plot without knots, cord and other defects. With a hacksaw cut the workpiece of sufficient length and lightly coat her plane.
Decide the model of the gun that will become a prototype for a toy. If you want to re-create the contours of the present small arms, use pictures or illustrations of military and historical publications. Find the actual sizes you are interested in weapons. But you can show imagination and to invent your own gun.
Apply to the wooden blank to the contours of the gun, using a ruler and a pencil. Secure the Board in the vise and with a hacksaw or angle grinder to gently cut out the gun on the drawn lines. It is desirable to provide a small allowance that will be needed for finishing the product.
Give a rough outline of the more subtle features. For this you need a grinder, a file, a chisel and a sharp knife. Scroll preform all the basic design details of this gun, including the barrel, bolt, lever, trigger guard and trigger.
Mark with a file and chisel the fine details: the fly, the fuse, the notch on the stopper and the handle. Try to act carefully and prudently in order for the error not to spoil a future gun.
Ready toy model of the gun finish with a file and emery paper, having smoothed the sharp corners and rough edges. Individual part it is possible to draw additionally, using the device for a burning out on a tree. In order to make the gun more aesthetically pleasing and finished appearance, cover the toy two or three coats of dark nail Polish.

Advice 5: How to make space in the jar

The most spectacular and expensive heart of things it is impossible to buy, but you can do it yourself. So if you want to give your loved one the Universe - don't forget to wrap it in a beautiful jar!
How to make space in the jar
You will need
  • - a jar or bottle of clear glass
  • Wat
  • sequins
  • pharmacy glycerin
  • - food coloring
Take a jar, wash it thoroughly inside and out. Monitor, so glass left no stains.
Placed inside the bottle with a cotton swab.
Sequins fall asleep. Shake. Need sequins were distributed over the entire space of the container.
Pour in a jar of glycerin.
Throw in the glycerin, food coloring. You can use multiple colors.
Tightly are clogging the cap.
Useful advice
The mixture is not spilled, it is possible to hermetically seal the lid with glue.
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