You will need
  • compressor;
  • - long flexible tube;
  • needle;
  • porous stone or a porous piece of wood.
Aquarium inhabitants for a full life it is necessary to ensure a sufficient oxygen content in the water. There are now a wide variety of aerators are designed to cope with this problem. They operate on the same scheme: the air from outside is pumped through the hose into the tank and sprayed, and the smaller the bubbles, the better the aeration. Pet stores offer attachments for air compressors at affordable prices, but some aquarists are not satisfied with their monotony, and others just nice to create equipment for the home pond on their own. Anyway, the presence of suitable materials sprayer to do quite easily.
The easiest option – a long rubber tube (possibly the hose aerator), where a simple needle are frequent, as in the sieve holes. One end of the tube attached to the compressor and the other is blocked, the air went through the punctures. Such a structure can be placed under the ground along the rear wall of the aquarium, and the rising bubbles not only provide its inhabitants with oxygen, but will also create additional decoration.
The nozzle for the compressor can also be created from any porous materials that do not emit in water of harmful substances, for example, of the abrasive stone and porous wood. Before to place such dispensers in the aquarium, they must be sterilized in boiling water. The air was well distributed, and the attachment is perfect, without gaps, to fit to the tube that carries the air supply.
Do not use synthetic materials (household sponges, etc.), as the probability is that they will devote to the water of substances which may adversely affect the health of aquarium inhabitants, and even lead to their death. Chasing a beautiful design or cheapness, we should not forget that the water biological system is quite fragile and sensitive to any change. If you are not sure about the material used for the atomizer, it is better to give preference to the purchase option.
It is important to note that small bubbles require a greater air pressure, and therefore, the load on the aerator increases. This may affect the speed of his normal wear and tear, power consumption and noise background, which is almost inevitably generated during operation of the compressor. Sprays, both homemade and purchased, tend to become clogged, so must be periodically replaced.