You will need
  • The smoke generator.
Hire a generator of smoke. Model smoke machines are different, each of which gives a special smoke effect. For example, you can decorate the scene of the high pillars of smoke (geysers), which can be further effectively illuminated. This model is interesting because smoke pouring from her in the high post. Then in 1-2 seconds dissipated, leaving no trace. This effect can be used in the climax of your show.
Use the model with the effect of "heavy" smoke, creeping along the floor. This special effect is perfect for any concert, wedding celebration, disco or birthday. Complete smoke this dance floor. You will see how nice will look pair, slow-moving dance around the room.
Apply a fog machine, to create a "fog effect". This kind of smoke will emit into space the rays of lights and creates a mysterious atmosphere. It will be especially appropriate if you plan a tour of a rock band on your occasion.
Use smoke machines of different types according to their purposes. If you want to get the effect of "creeping smoke", use the outdoor types of smoke generators. If you need diffused throughout the room smoke, then you better purchase the pendant model.
Please contact the organization granting a lease of various equipment for the holidays. There you will be able to give you advice, provide the smoke machine, means to care for her, and also of the operator who will maintain it during the event.
Refrain from buying smoke machines, if you do not plan to use it often. If you decide to save money and acquire an inexpensive device, then you can not expect the most pleasant surprises. Low-cost machines is the sin of poor quality. Be a shame if in the moment the smoke just will not go. Therefore, it is better to rent a good camera.