The main features of elektroraspalitel

In elektroraspalitel pressure of the paint composition is created using an oscillating diaphragm, which actuates the connecting rod mechanism. Works electric spray gun from obychnoy household socket 220V without requiring auxiliary devices for operation, such as a compressor or additional hoses or fittings.

Electric spray gun is a versatile instrument. It can be used at home when the mains is present, and in a garage — the car battery. In the home this tool is used for painting metal, wood or plastic surfaces. In the pre-surface preparation and proper use of the spray painted area can be difficult to distinguish from professional factory painting.

The advantages and disadvantages of elektroraspalitel

Electric paint sprayer has the following advantages:
- small size;
- possibility of regulating the supply of fluid (by the button or the screw that is on all guns);
- not a very expensive price (compared to pneumatic atomizer);
- painting the time is significantly reduced;
- the ability to adjust the thickness of the flow of paint, which provide attachments for many models of elektroraspalitel;
- the possibility of applying adhesives to the surface.

Disadvantages of elektroraspalitel:
- strong vibration when working;
- creates a lot of noise;
- splits the paint is not as shallow as a pneumatic spray gun;
- cheap models, this instrument does not work with all types of paints.

Recommendations on the choice of elektroraspalitel

When choosing an electric spray gun, take on Board some recommendations:
- first, for the selection of a particular model of nebulizer read the reviews about guns on the forums, it will greatly simplify the task;
- ask the seller to turn on the tool at an idle to see how much it vibrates and you will be able to cope with it;
- be sure to read the manual, which States specifically what types of paints can run this tool;
- please note if the spray gun miniconnector that enhances the quality of color surfaces;
preferably buy elektroraspalitel known brand whose products are of high quality.

Popular brands of elektroraspalitel

The modern market tools is updated frequently with new models of electric spray guns from well-known manufacturers - world's largest companies. Precise design, reliability and high quality – those criteria that seek to improve global brands. Today you can find models of elektroraspalitel and American production (grago), and Italian (larius), and Swiss (wagner), and Japanese (iwata), and Russian ("Foreman") and German (hammer, sata, bosch).

Concerning the technical characteristics, it is possible to note elektroraspalitel bosch. They are versatile to use, work with liquid paints and thick. The maximum power of the fence paint is 260 grams for 1 minute. The pump cylinder made of hard metal. Also in this atomizer has a system that allows you to quickly change the pump as well as filter for paint. Among the guns bosch most popular model pfs 65 and pfs 55.

Features of electric spray guns

Choosing an electric spray gun, the first thing to note is to spray compositions which it is intended. Some models of atomizers can only work with water-soluble painting materials, while others are more versatile, they can handle paints, varnishes, solvent-based, viscous compositions, oils.

A very important parameter is the availability of adjustments. Most manual elektroraspalitel have a minimum amount of regulatory options. Usually this is a rough setting of the volume flow of the spraying material and the shape of the flame (e.g., black&decker bdps200). In more advanced models may have electronic adjustment, changing the speed of movement of the piston, the ability to preset working pressure, several different spray modes.
As a rule, outdoor sprinklers much more functional (for example, the model of the earlex hv500 sprayport).

Also, pay special attention to the type of tank. The most comfortable tanks of transparent plastic, which are located at the bottom. They have a large volume and allow you to control the amount of fluid balance (model bosch pfs 65). But for extensive works built-in reservoirs are too low, and therefore it is possible to give preference to models with fence paint from a free-standing container. Outdoor elektroraspalitel have large tanks for 7-10 l or suck the composition directly from the bucket (for example, wagner projectpro 117).
When buying don't forget to checkout the warranty card, as well as to clarify ' workshops for service or warranty repair electric spray gun.

Some manufacturers produce for their special spray guns, extension cords, or long guns, including a rotary mechanism. This allows you to paint most surfaces without scaffolding and ladders. Outdoor electric sprayers may have different hose lengths — from 1.5 m (shoulder option - hvlp miol 79-560) up to 60 m, sometimes this difference significantly affects the performance and convenience. The painting structure can be transported over a limited distance. So, dp airless dp-6820 is capable of feeding material at 30 m horizontally and 15 m up.

No less important is the quality of plastic was used for the manufacture of elektroraspalitel and how much it has metal parts (it is desirable that the needle was made of metal) how clearly customized all the elements of the device, especially mobile.