The device can be hidden in the interface Opera with the standard settings of your browser. To do this, click on the link "Customize" page, where the displayed speed dial. To access it you just open a browser or create a new tab on the top bar of the browser. In the menu that appears, click "Hide speed dial", and then apply the received changes.
In the settings menu panel presents all sorts of settings. So you can change the display panel by pressing the button "Background image". You can adjust the number of columns and cells, to reduce the scale displayed in the window. It is possible to hide the button on each cell. To do this, just tick the appropriate item.
Likewise, the speed dial can be disabled in Firefox. To do this, run the program and after it is loaded in the input string ' specify the query about:config. Click the appropriate line in the browser.newtab.the url where you enter the address of the page you would like to see is the speed dial.
Once the necessary settings are done, save the changes. If you want to leave instead of the Express panel blank page, in the input string ' enter your query about:blank, and then save the settings.
To disable the favorites bar in Google Chrome open the browser and then navigate to the appropriate menu item and clicking the main menu button in the right part of the window.
Then go to "Main" or "Main page". In the list of options, select "Home page" or "Blank page" to hide the speed dial when opening a browser window. Restart the program to verify that the selected settings have been activated.