Testosteroneω is called male hormone, is produced in the testes in men. A small amount of it is present in women. This hormone can rightly be called the hormone of love, courage and passion. The more a person levels of testosterone, the more he enjoys the power and extreme sports. These people quickly follow the situation, scope of activities, and sometimes go to extremes in the field of extreme sports. Such men sexually active, sometimes polygamous, but always represent excellent, passionate lovers. However, not all male testosterone levels are so high. Some, on the contrary, downgraded. The reasons for low levels of testosterone many, the main among them are the following:- chronic stress, lack of sleep
- unfavorable ecological situation in the city
- abuse of alcohol and tobacco
- metabolic disorders
- overeating
- overworking the body diets
So, as mentioned above, testosterone is the hormone of energy and love. But what if suddenly you discovered the loss of these qualities depression? You went to the doctor, he told you that he was there, with the exception of a strong reduction in the level of testosterone. Well, before you - a great reason to change your lifestyle.First, limit your alcohol intake, and better and reduce him to nothing. Alcohol affects testosterone levels in blood and potency. If you drink spirits, and I can not abandon them, at least replace them with wine, but they drink only on holidays and in moderation. Secondly the decline of this hormone occurs because of zinc deficiency. To increase the level of zinc in the body should be included in the diet of fish, seafood, cheese, vegetables and fruits, as well as vitamins B6 and B12. In addition, do not like to overeat, and Vice versa, to exhaust yourself diets. Eat slowly, find your own "Golden mean" in which you feel comfortable.
Another factor that increases the level of testosterone is healthy lifestyle. Be sure to get enough sleep, do not overdo it, spend more time in the fresh air, be confident. Also note that the testosterone level can increase when exposed to the body of light, so more sunbathing and traveling. In this way of life is the level of this hormone will increase significantly.