Nothing should interfere with the campaign, location of each item in the backpack should be carefully considered. In this regard, among tourists, a rather popular Chinese tents, they are called in the people "tent-eight" or "an arcuate tent." However, these convenient and simple products are fraught with tricky secret. Not so easy to fold it to the person without experience.
So, go ahead. First, correctly take the tent in hand, therein lies the key to success. The hands should be on the side of the tent with a wire frame. Roll up the tent so that both side faces were together.
Then turn the eight side face so that from a large oval, she turned in a small circle, which should meet the case of the tent. That's all, the tent is assembled.
The most difficult moment of the Assembly is the transformation side of the oval into a circle by twisting. If you own to roll in the right direction the side does not work, get some help. In extreme cases, hold the slippery side of the left leg.
In order for such a tent to put it, just get it out of the bag-cover, shake and fold. If the kit included a long metal rod to the roof, insert it into the groove on the roof.
On the same principle assembled and disassembled children's play tent. This method of Assembly makes the tent very convenient for storage and transportation.