In order to expand the tent, just enough to shake her from the case.
The advantages of this tent is the fact that it is easily decomposed, but the obvious disadvantage is how to collect it back in the case.
Tent–machine can be grouped as follows:
Imagine that assembled the tent is a triangle with one vertex (top of tent) and the base (the bottom and the floor of the tent), pick up and tuck inside the triangle floor. Now put the tent on its side.
Next, take the corner, which is adjacent to the base, (one hand grasp the bottom of the other side) and make a circular motion – you should get a loop. Press it gently to the floor.
Thus left and right should still go in the loop. Now each in turn connect to the average loop, and the tent will fold.
A (after much agonizing) I wonder how exactly the method is simple, but whatever it was work out at home, to not do this in the field.