Camping tent from usual differs primarily in that is designed for a long rest in one place. It does not necessarily have quick and easy to assemble. Most likely, it will be very difficult, depending on capacity weight of these tents varies from 7 to 15 kg. This is due to the fact that typically the camping equipment is transported by car, and the most important characteristic is the comfort of operation. Therefore, choosing a tent, look first on how you will be comfortable wearing it for quite a while.
The basic rule when choosing a camping tents: the more, the better. There should be a vestibule, one or two spacious rooms, the Windows, at least two inputs, the "pantry". Ideally, if there will be able to accommodate 4-5 people. Usually in camping tents you can stand in full growth - and this is especially nice for tourists. While relaxing you and yourself, if you choose a tent for the first time. It is important that your portable house was equipped with mosquito nets.
Note the awning. Well, if the material was nylon or polyester, ripstop is even better. It is important that between the awning and tent, there is sufficient clearance, or during a heavy rain two layers of fabric are touching, and your summer home will start to get wet. The seams of the tent should be taped, as it is the most vulnerable place, they can leak water. Arc it is desirable to have aluminum instead of plastic. Plastic is much cheaper, but the metal arc, reliable and durable. Also check the fabric from which made the bottom. It should be durable, otherwise, if the formed hole, the tent will leak from the bottom.
Check how well thought out your tent is the ventilation system and entrances and Windows. Best if there are two vents placed opposite each other in the upper part of the tent. Windows are good to have, with the help of which you can adjust the temperature in each "room" of the tent. From inputs depends on the ease of getting into the tent.
The complexity of the Assembly is not a disadvantage for camping tents. It is put for a long time, so durability and reliability of the whole structure are more important criteria than speed of installation. A lot of the arcs is normal for this tent, so it is best just to put it together with someone.