Setting the tent begins with the Assembly of the frame and install the outdoor awning. Then the lower edge of the awning is fixed with pegs under it is filled in the inner part of the tent and fastened in the direction from the end to the exit. The lower edge of the inner tent are stakes, she then stretched stretching the outer tent. Disassembly is performed only after its complete drying and completely the opposite of the Assembly. Ie first understands the inner tent, then outside. The frame is Packed separately and stored in a dry place.
In the modern market there is an automatic Chinese tents - tents-eight", which are, once extracted from the case. They are attracted by the low cost and small size. Original cover with a tent are small round bag with a zipper. Released from of bag tent crushes and turns into a taut arc design.
However, to assemble this tent represents a certain puzzle. But there is nothing difficult in the Assembly no, if you look. The secret lies in the fact that the side faces have a wire frame that you want to twist.
Take the tent in your hands and fold into a triangle, i.e. sides together. The whole awning is put between them.
Fold the top triangle towards the bottom, and at its base. Right corner of the tent, turn eight left and left corner to the right, fold them together in a circle. Put the resulting circle in the case.