There are many options and to pick the right must answer the question: what kind of tourism and recreation do you prefer? Therefore, you can choose the model that suits your needs.

If you prefer to relax on the campgrounds, then you can safely take a big tent, not paying attention to her weight. These tents are camping. It provides a large and high tent, often equipped with Windows and a vestibule. A tent can be safely taken for the entire family or a large company. The advantages of such a tent, of course, can be attributed to its size, it can be easy to move and arrange all the necessary. Cons - this is not a small weight and warm up a tent is harder than medium size.

If you are a lover of the journey on foot or by bike, your option is a trekking tent. Its main advantages compactness and weight. In a tent, provided that it is made qualitatively, everything is fine, but keep in mind - trekking tent is not designed for low temperatures and in strong wind and rain it is also not particularly comfortable.

Weight plays a big role, if you are going on a mountain journey. A heavy tent will greatly complicate your ascent to the top. For such tourism created assault tent. Yet it is called an ultralight or the Alpine. These tents are easy to install, tolerates strong winds and rain, but they are small and so close. More cons: price, quality assault tent is a lot.

Tents have their seasonal purpose and types there are three, not four, as some mistakenly think. It is summer - intended solely for hot weather. Fabric, ventilation and other gadgets will help to transfer the heat. Winter tents as the name implies is made for cold weather. Different sustainable design and density of the material.

And the third type of tents is trancezone (spring, fall, summer) this tent could be called universal.

As for the size of the tent, that is the standard definition: single, double, and so on. There is already define yourself. Length and width are not standard options on the Internet you can find any.