At the same time, nothing prevents you to study the language, the more proficiency will allow you to quickly master other foreign languages. If you want to learn Latin on their own - on the Internet you can find numerous audiokursy, and texts, and textbooks, and manuals, and dictionaries. There are resources to learn Latin online. A perfect example is the resource there is a tutorial and exercises, and translator, and, most importantly - like-minded people.
However, independent study may take Latin, so you should try to find a teacher who would explain you do not understand the material, corrected errors (if any). By the way, a teacher can be difficult, after all, Latin is not widely used in English, German or French. It is worth asking your friends, family if they had a friend who knew Latin and could have him to teach you.
Mentioned about studying Latin. Why one of these students may not be? If circumstances permit and there is a desire not only to learn Latin, but other languages, it may be worthwhile to try to be among them. If this option does not suit you, please contact the institutes and universities of your city, all of a sudden at the Department of foreign languages, courses are offered? Most importantly, if you decide to achieve their goal and to learn the language - do not be discouraged before the difficulties, then you will succeed.