Diet for the nerves

Nutritionists and specialists of institutions of power has developed a balanced diet, taking into consideration the need of brain cells and nervous system in vitamins and minerals. Dieting goals are normalization of the operation and maintenance of a healthy nervous system.

For the proper functioning of the nervous cells need to diet included foods with a high amount of vitamin B1. These include: oatmeal, buckwheat, beef liver, pork, rye bread. Vitamin B1 helps to cope with emotional strain and convulsive States.

When feeling of weakness, a depressed mood should include in your menu foods containing vitamin B2: eggs, dairy products, greens, brewer's yeast.

If the diet lacks of vitamin B6, disturbed mental activity, suffer from memory loss. Sources of vitamin B6: beef, liver, fish and seafood, rye bread, nuts, bananas.

To restore the health of nerve cells and its conservation need to eat foods containing vitamin B12: eggs, beef, dairy products, seafood, offal.

To prevent damage to nerve cells by free radicals, the diet includes foods with a high amount of vitamin A (fresh vegetables, nuts, fish oil).

To stimulate the synthesis of anti-stress hormones you need to eat foods containing vitamin C (citrus, kiwi, currant, wild rose, sweet pepper). The calming effect of vitamin E contained in nuts, eggs, legumes, vegetable oil.

For proper operation of nerve cells on the menu include fiber, which promotes the excretion of toxic substances. A lot of fiber in different grains, vegetables, fruits.

An indispensable source of energy for nerve cells is glucose. When it deficiency can be a feeling of anxiety. The most useful source of glucose is a food rich in "slow carbs" (whole grains, potatoes, vegetables, fruits with low sugar content).

Micro - and macronutrients, essential for the nervous system

Daily diet should include a sufficient number of micro - and macroelements. It is necessary to enter in the menu products containing high amounts of calcium (e.g., dairy products). For the proper functioning of the nervous system, it is important to eat foods containing iodine: sea fish, seaweed, shrimp.

Nervous system function supports the phosphorus contained in buckwheat, legumes, dairy products, liver. Iron is "responsible" for the proper functioning of the brain. Products with a high content of iron: buckwheat, liver, seafood, cabbage, spinach. The functions of receiving and transmitting nerve impulses plays a big role in magnesium, which is contained in barley, millet, bran, nuts, eggs.

Important when dieting - reducing the burden on the digestive organs. Try to eat regularly and in small portions. Eat in comfort and enjoy meals. During the day, drink plenty of fluids.

What foods are bad for the nervous system

For the nervous system harmful the following products: meats, preserves, marinades, pickles, spicy seasonings, spices, fast food, pasta, rice. You can not eat white bread, fried potatoes, pastry, sweets, alcohol, coffee, strong tea, energy.