You will need
  • - relaxing music;
  • - beads or balls Chinese health.
Many people today speak with admiration: "Yes, he has got nerves of steel! I would have..." And really, reduced resistance to stress prevents most people in work. Shattered nerves increasingly becoming the cause of family conflicts.
Whatever the causes of your "nerve spikes" to temper the nerves, you will need to gain control of himself.
"Change what you can change and accept what you can not change". This Golden rule will help you to cope with them.
If you do can influence the course of events, do it with calm and confidence, even if initially not all goes smoothly.
If you expect an imminent failure, and there's nothing you can do about it – accept it as a given. As mentioned the repeated world champion on Boxing in heavy weight Muhammad Ali: "to rise, we must fall." And if you meet their "drop" it, then it will be followed by a takeoff.
But in order to implement these principles in practice, you have worked long and hard to train your nervous system.
To the will of the mind prevailed over the riot of emotions, you must learn to control yourself. This can be achieved through various breathing exercises. Slowly and deeply inhale and slowly exhale. Respect repeating this 10 times, you will notice that you have become much calmer. Will recover the rhythm of the heartbeat, and you're unable to adequately assess the situation.
The best way to strengthen self-control over his psyche is meditation. But if you are a fan of Eastern methods, you can just listen to audio recordings of the singing of birds, murmur of water, wind noise.
You can also touch the hands a rosary, stroking fur mascot or rotate in the hands of Chinese health balls. All this will help you to gain control over your nervous system.
No matter how humane and merciful he was not the man, it still gradually builds up aggression. This is because the nature of the modern era. And if you do not want once again to fall back on a colleague or loved one, give any pent-up aggression in a safe way. Better suited for this sport.