Advice 1: How to restore the psyche

Modern life is an endless race, full of challenging situations and stress. All this contributes to the psychological discomfort, which can lead to various depressions. If you constantly feel tired and irritated, frustrate the hell out of relatives, do not feel the joy of life, perhaps your psyche is in need of intensive repair.
How to restore the psyche
When the reason is obvious, for example, difficulty at work or in your personal life, to begin the restoration of the psyche should resolve the major problems. Until the irritating factor is eliminated, to try to bring the psyche into balance is useless.
Try to stop over and over in my the same thoughts. Take a sheet of paper and write everything that worries you. Often the problem is transferred to the paper, start to look not so scary. Carefully analyze the list, decide what needs to be done in the first place, to deal with the discomfort.
Talk about your condition with loved ones that you trust. In addition to that you will reprimand, the side view will help to find new solutions to your problems.
Change the mode of the day and temporarily give up all for more jobs. The most important thing in your situation is to try to achieve inner peace. In free time try to take more walks and to devote time to themselves. You can practice your favorite hobby or regularly do something that brings you joy - for example, for a woman to go shopping, and the man to go fishing.
During the difficult psychological period, try not to forget about nutrition. Give up fatty, smoked and sweet foods. Eat plenty of easily digestible proteins and vegetables. Remember that the state of our nervous system depends largely on proper nutrition.
Go to bed on time and sleep at least eight hours. Not for nothing the doctors say that sleep is the best medicine.
Enjoy a swim or yoga. In the psychological problems people have muscle clamps, which are harmful to health and does not allow to relax, which is very important for people who experience mental discomfort. Physical activity will help relieve muscle and eye-catching when moving the endorphins, will help you to feel happier.
Do not hesitate to contact the psychologist. Specialist will help to understand current problems, and suggest effective training for relaxation.
When deterioration, you should seek medical attention. Often mental problems can be caused by a violation of certain organs and systems (e.g., endocrine). The doctor will prescribe the examination and will refer you to a therapist who can help not only through interviews, but also prescription drugs that will help your mind to recover faster.

Advice 2 : How to restore the nerves

A busy schedule of work or study, stress, family problems – all this is exhausting, depletes the nervous system. How to restore it, how to regain energy, strength and good mood?
How to restore the nerves
Try daily to carve out some time for full relaxation, distraction from everyday problems. Make yourself comfortable in your favorite chair, light some candles, turn on some soft music. Breathe smoothly, quietly, imagine each exhale takes you from the negativity, it burns the candle flame turns into smoke.
Nervous system is normally restored only in the case if your sleep is complete. It will have to abandon tight evening snacks, watching stimulating TV shows or movies. Very well, if you'll leave the night open a window: fresh air will help you sleep quickly and deeply acts in a positive way.
Pay attention to the food. It should consist of natural products to enrich the body with useful vitamins and microelements. Exhausted nervous system especially needs calcium: its deficiency leads to excessive irritability, irascibility, tearfulness. Therefore, eat beets, cabbage, beans, almonds, milk, cheese – all these foods contain calcium.
Increase resistance to stress, help to withstand strong tension vitamins of group B. They are rich in brewer's yeast and green vegetables: cabbage and broccoli, spinach. Also lean on oranges, bananas, peanuts, mushrooms, tomatoes.
To restore the nervous system and the necessary physical activity. Very useful for Hiking at a vigorous pace. Brisk walking helps normalize the breathing, builds the blood vessels, stimulates appetite and promotes good mood. Effective in this regard, and swimming, Cycling, the usual morning exercises.
Perhaps most importantly in the nervous system recovery – positive emotions, good mood, bright. More do more of what brings you pleasure, communicate with nice people and enjoy wonderful moments, smile at life and it will smile to you in response.

Advice 3 : How can I restore the nervous system

Restore the nervous system after disease or severe stresses suffered by the person is one of the most important tasks of doctors and of psychologists, as in diseases of the Central nervous system and psyche of the man can not live fully.
Restoring the nervous system

The restoration of nervous system medicines

First and foremost, you should understand: what kind of damage to the nervous system is present in a patient. Severe lesions of the Central nervous system that affects the cerebral cortex, cerebellum or other important centers are treated only medically. Lesions lobes of the brain can occur due to vascular diseases, intoxication of the brain by the breakdown products of alcohol (acetaldehyde), tumors and certain other diseases, such as encephalitis, syphilis, etc. In the case of diagnosis of such diseases, the patient is treated in hospital or home, using nootropic substances, antioxidants and other drugs.

Restoring the nervous system folk remedies

If the Central nervous system was subject to strong physiological (alcohol, drugs) or psychological stress, does not affect the brain, it is possible to try vitamin therapy and alternative therapies, particularly herbs. For total restoration and relaxation suitable decoctions and teas of dried and fresh chamomile, mint, lemon balm, hawthorn and motherwort. As a hypnotic and sedative it is possible to apply tablets and drops of Valerian. Excellent for relaxation are bath oils. Coniferous (pine and cedar) oil has a relaxing effect, citrus oils (orange, tangerine, grapefruit) makes a person more cheerful.

Restoring the nervous system with the help of a psychologist or on your own

If no organic lesions of the nervous system and the person just really tired of any of the events or prolonged illness, the best fit simple treatment options: consultation of a psychologist or psychotherapist (best to choose someone specializing in the reason stress, for example, parent-child or partner relationship).

Often, after working with a psychologist a stressful situation or problem that influenced the deterioration of the nervous system, the person starts a recovery mechanism of their own. In addition, for faster recovery of the nervous system requires the following actions: a large number of walks in the fresh air and increased physical activity in which the brain gets more oxygen (in turn affecting the activity of nerve cells). You should also change the power – to remove from the system power supply of alcohol, add foods that contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, iron and vitamins of groups B and C. the Latter improves the production of serotonin and acts as a natural antidepressant.
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