Advice 1: How to restore the psyche

Modern life is an endless race, full of challenging situations and stress. All this contributes to the psychological discomfort, which can lead to various depressions. If you constantly feel tired and irritated, frustrate the hell out of relatives, do not feel the joy of life, perhaps your psyche is in need of intensive repair.
How to restore the psyche
When the reason is obvious, for example, difficulty at work or in your personal life, to begin the restoration of the psyche should resolve the major problems. Until the irritating factor is eliminated, to try to bring the psyche into balance is useless.
Try to stop over and over in my the same thoughts. Take a sheet of paper and write everything that worries you. Often the problem is transferred to the paper, start to look not so scary. Carefully analyze the list, decide what needs to be done in the first place, to deal with the discomfort.
Talk about your condition with loved ones that you trust. In addition to that you will reprimand, the side view will help to find new solutions to your problems.
Change the mode of the day and temporarily give up all for more jobs. The most important thing in your situation is to try to achieve inner peace. In free time try to take more walks and to devote time to themselves. You can practice your favorite hobby or regularly do something that brings you joy - for example, for a woman to go shopping, and the man to go fishing.
During the difficult psychological period, try not to forget about nutrition. Give up fatty, smoked and sweet foods. Eat plenty of easily digestible proteins and vegetables. Remember that the state of our nervous system depends largely on proper nutrition.
Go to bed on time and sleep at least eight hours. Not for nothing the doctors say that sleep is the best medicine.
Enjoy a swim or yoga. In the psychological problems people have muscle clamps, which are harmful to health and does not allow to relax, which is very important for people who experience mental discomfort. Physical activity will help relieve muscle and eye-catching when moving the endorphins, will help you to feel happier.
Do not hesitate to contact the psychologist. Specialist will help to understand current problems, and suggest effective training for relaxation.
When deterioration, you should seek medical attention. Often mental problems can be caused by a violation of certain organs and systems (e.g., endocrine). The doctor will prescribe the examination and will refer you to a therapist who can help not only through interviews, but also prescription drugs that will help your mind to recover faster.

Advice 2: How to restore nerve cells

There is an opinion that the nerve cells can not be reversed, but it is not so. Of course, this takes time and, moreover, is long, but to restore them. There are several simple ways that stimulate the regeneration of nerve cells. If you regularly take care of the health of the nervous system, no mental disorder will not be afraid.
How to restore nerve cells
Try to experience more positive emotions, rejoice all, because happiness has many wonderful moments in life that you just pay attention. In the recovery period of the nerve cells don't limit yourself in anything, especially as it raises a smile. Also eat well, not to sit on hunger diets, they just shake the psyche and make a person aggressive.
Take a vacation and get some shut-eye. Sleep disturbances, take tablets or tincture sedative plants, in extreme cases, medications. If possible, take a trip to the sea, it not only relaxes, but also revitalizes the whole body. Sunbathe, and simply relax on the Golden sand.
Have sex with someone you love. During lovemaking goes into the body happiness hormone, which is involved in the regeneration of nerve cells. The more positive emotions in life, the faster you will regenerate your nervous system.
Alcohol relieves nervous tension, and Vice versa. So don't try to calm down with a glass of whiskey or brandy, the maximum that you can afford - a glass of good red wine. But other kinds of drinks should be excluded, especially if you are taking sedatives not of plant origin.
If you are serious, go to a psychiatrist. You will prescribe a course of treatment, after a full examination. Sometimes nervous breakdowns to cure by conventional means does not work, so don't wait too long, only a doctor can help cure this disease. In milder cases, it helps all of the above in just one month, man if born again, and feeling extremely relaxed and confident.

Advice 3: The influence of horror films on the human psyche

Horror movies are quite popular, especially among young people. However much to get involved action-Packed movie with lots of bloody scenes is not necessary, since such sessions can harm the human psyche.
Horror movies can have a negative impact on the psyche

Why watch horror

Horror films attract the audience with his vivid, sometimes unpredictable story. The thrill people are looking for when in their lives they do not have enough adrenaline. Other individuals with scary movies get a psychological discharge and understand that they have in life is not so bad.

The desire to escape from real life, to see something really scary, but from a safe distance, to tickle your nerves, scared, and then feel the relief that it was all just a movie – that's what leads people who buy tickets to movies at the cinema or watching a scary movie at home.

It is worth noting that horror is the horror of the strife. In some horror movies things are moving on mystical lines, and, except for the ghosts and evidence of the poltergeist, there are no frightening scenes. To watch this movie, you can like a fairy tale. Other movies abound with shocking scenes of violence and a very negative influence on the human psyche.

The influence of horror movies

The result of watching a horror movie can become nightmares. Nasty bloody scenes leave an impression in the mind of man, and when he sleeps, the brain of the individual restores seen, or dreams on the subject of movie you have seen. So keep in mind that sleep problems can be a consequence of the preferences of the person in terms of cinematography.

Pregnant women, children and especially impressionable people, scary movies. It is on the most receptive mind and fragile psyche horror affect very negatively. First, the viewing of horror can make a human reaction to a real danger of inadequate. Secondly, due to bloody horror in the susceptible organism growing level of aggression, a man accustomed to cruelty, and violence seems to him the norm.

Usually a horror movie is designed to create a disturbing atmosphere. But if this mood does not leave you after viewing, then, the fear and the tension was too strong. For viewing of horror can change your emotional background. If you are close to the heart perceive events in which there are heroes, then you should not watch horror movies.

Finally, it is worth noting that horror movies can cause a real addiction. The fact is that during scary scenes in the blood of the audience is thrown a large number of the insane under stress. The body gets used to this state of constant combat readiness and the need for new thrills.

Advice 4: How to strengthen the psyche

In order to strengthen their mentality, it is very important to learn to get pleasure from life, to understand why we all live, self-actualization. It seems that everything is very, very simple, but it really is hard daily work and tireless work.
How to strengthen the psyche
Step one: your mind.
Man can be divided into two components: a physical body and mind. It is our consciousness, the mind directs the body. But the mind itself is run by us, and we must not forget. You need to understand and forever to realize that the mind does not always offers the correct ideas and right thinking, therefore, you must learn to filter information, selecting a major, valuable and useful.
Step one: other people's problems.
Very often people deliberately loads himself with other people's problems. This is a very negative effect on the psyche, because you have to solve not only own problems, but also to think about the difficulties of others, as well as the world global issues if not in reality then in your own mind. How to avoid it? A smaller deal with people who complain you in life. Also should avoid watching TV shows about wars, violence and crime dramas.
Step three: clouding of consciousness.
How ever vulnerable , the psyche makes use of substances which are said to cause clouding of consciousness: drugs, alcohol. In that case, if you want to not only strengthen, but always in control of my psychethat is forever refuse to accept these products.
The strengthening of the psyche
Remember that our mind is a reflection of our harmony with the world and themselves and to work in the first place, it is necessary in this direction.
Useful advice
1. To strengthen the psyche will also help in the right direction and the implementation of sexual energy.
2. To strengthen the psyche is very important the realization that everything that happens in life, given for our good, not harm.
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