Among all of the causes that can lead to ischemia of the brain brain, isolated arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis as two main factors. However, the cause of the disease can other problems: cardiovascular disease, venous disease, diabetes, etc.
Under the treatment of ischemia of the brain mean normalization of all processes in the body, the suspension rate of the destruction of the brain brain, the activation sanogenetic mechanisms and prevention of stroke.
If you have been diagnosed with ischemia of the brain" don't panic. This disease requires immediate hospitalization, if it was not complicated by stroke or any severe pathology. On the contrary, stay in a familiar situation.
Today, there are numerous ways of treatment of cerebral ischemia of the brain. For maximum effect, combine several procedures into a single complex.
Visit your doctor and start medical treatment. With the help of prescription medications for the cardiovascular system you will be able to normalize the cerebral perfusion of the brain. The result should improve cerebral blood flow, which is responsible for the implementation of neuroprotective functions.
Follow a strict diet, limiting themselves to in animal fats. When you add this to your "diet" lipid-lowering agent (atorvastatin). This will reduce the viscosity of blood, improve endothelial function. Daily take prescription antihypertensive drugs that will help protect internal organs from damage. The list includes heart, kidneys and the brain itself.
If it came to chronic ischemia of the brain, contact your surgeon. Quite possibly, you'll need surgery. In this case, the internal carotid arteries will be carried out reconstructive surgery.
Try to keep an eye on their health, because only timely treatment will stop the progression of cerebral ischemia of the brain.