Before you make a compress, dilute the alcohol in the right proportions, to avoid burn injury. Rubbing alcohol is recommended to be diluted with water in the ratio of 1 part alcohol 3 parts water. If compression is used the vodka, then it is diluted with water in equal proportions. Sometimes they are compresses applied formic alcohol or tincture of Cayenne pepper.
Before applying a compress should be well impregnated cloth or gauze alcohol solution and then applying it to the body. On top, you must cover it with parchment paper to avoid evaporation, and then put a warm bandage for warming effect.
In the fight against sciatica, cervical osteochondrosis helps alcohol compress with honey. This med needs to be displaced with an alcohol in equal proportions and then apply to the affected area. Before each application of the mixture to be heated in a water bath.
In addition, alcohol compresses well with the otitis. In this case, the alcohol is mixed with camphor oil in proportion of 1 to 10. A bandage is placed around the Pinna for half an hour.
In the fight against otitis media, and will help the poultice of birch buds, infused with alcohol. To do this, mix one part kidney, bought at the pharmacy, or collected independently, and the two parts of alcohol. Then should insist the drug is not less than a day. Dip a cotton swab in the tincture is ready and well wrung out, you need to lay it in your ear. As with any other alcohol compress, ear close the wax paper and then put a warm bandage.