Alcohol in combination with a bitter pepper has a warming effect increases blood circulation, resulting in Wake up the "sleeping" hair follicles. In addition, the hair gets more oxygen and nutrients, so they become stronger and thicker and grow faster.

As a prepared tincture of Cayenne pepper

To care for hair, you can use store-bought or home-made pepper tincture. To make this "explosive cocktail", you will need the following components:
- 2-3 pod of red hot pepper;
- a glass of vodka.

Pepper is ground and poured vodka. The mixture was placed in a glass container, tightly sealed and insist in a dark place 13-14 days. Ready infusion filter.

Features of the use of capsicum tincture

As a rule, capsicum tincture is used as one of the active ingredients of masks for hair. It is recommended to mix with a fat base (yogurt or oil). For example, to prepare a cosmetic compound that increase hair growth can of these ingredients:
- 1 tbsp. l. tincture bitter pepper;
1 tbsp castor or olive oil.

Components are mixed, apply to the root system and carefully rubbing. The top of the head cover with cling film and well insulated. 37-40 minutes later wash hair with shampoo.
The mask, within which there is pepper tincture, applied to dry hair before shampooing.

And in the composition of the mask for strengthening and growth of hair may be present following ingredients:
- egg yolk;
- 1 part onion juice;
- 1 piece of burdock or castor oil;
- 1 part honey;
- 1 part capsicum tincture.

Alter components thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. The mixture is then rubbed into the scalp, wear a plastic bag and wool top hat. Leave this mask on for 1-1. 5 hours.
To apply these hair mask is recommended not more than 2 times a week. But they are not recommended for colored hair because under the influence of infusions will change the color of the hair.

Also for making stimulating the growth of hair cosmetics can be used components:
- 60 ml light beer;
- 2 tbsp tincture of hot peppers;
- egg yolk;
- 2 tsp any vegetable oil (this ingredient is added only for dry hair);
- 2 tbsp of buttermilk (add a component for oily or normal hair).

The ingredients are mixed. Ready composition is rubbed into the scalp. Then head insulated and leave the mask on for 55-58 minutes. Warming wash away the mixture with warm water and shampoo.