Lay the patient in bed, provide him the most comfortable conditions. Right now he needs rest and quiet.
When does the heat evaporate a lot of liquid, so you need to drink more. Cranberry or raspberry juice, tea with lemon, broth hips or compote fill the diseased body fluids and vitamins that are necessary during the disease.
Regularly ventilate the room where the patient is located. The room temperature should be 19-21 degrees. But do not allow drafts!
Now, undress the patient and prepare a mixture to cool off. Dilute vodka with water 1:1, moisten it with a soft cloth and gently, lightly blotted the patient's body, starting with hands, then armpits, chest, avoiding the heart area, belly, legs (groin area not to touch!), turn the patient on his stomach, wipe the back, buttocks, legs.
A little fan a patient with Hairdryer. Air should not be hot, but not allowed too blowing cold air. The blowing lasts no more than 1 minute
Put patient back to bed and put on the forehead a compress soaked in cool water periodically wetting it to keep it cool.