You will need
  • - squirt
  • - boiled water
  • - vaseline or cream
Remember that the frequency of bowel movements in babies – the phenomenon of the individual. Its consistency, color, smell and frequency largely depend on the feeding option, and from individual peculiarities of development. But if your child has not defecated for a couple of days, he is clearly restless, his stomach hard, and he twists the legs - you need to help him. In this emergency case, the ideal option would be to do an enema to the newborn.
Get ready and dig in. Boil the syringe with a soft spout in a small saucepan. Do not remove it while out of the water. You will need a small syringe with a volume of approximately 50 ml.
Prepare a solution for administration into the intestine. It can be boiled water, boiled water with a few drops of vegetable oil or decoction of chamomile. Oil coats fecal lumps and helps them out with minimum traumatic effect. Decoction of chamomile is good if you have problems of gas formation. Cool the solution to 30 degrees.
Wash your hands thoroughly. Spread special impermeable to water diaper.
Put the baby on a cloth on the back or left side, keeping knees bent legs to the tummy of the baby.
Remove the syringe and check that it wasn't hot. Completely expel it from the boiling water, so as not to scald the baby.
Expel by pressing the air out of the syringe and fill it with a solution for injection.
Lubricate the nozzle of a syringe with vaseline or neutral cream for easy insertion into the anus of a baby.
Insert the spout of the syringe carefully without stress in the kid's ass a couple of inches and slowly expel fluid from the syringe. Clenched syringe, take it out and a second hand hold the baby's bottom. It is necessary that the liquid to soften the stool and managed to act on the intestine, stimulating emptying.
After half a minute, release the buttocks of the baby.