Features body cleansing castor oil

Castor oil obtained from castor seed. It contains a lot of nutrients: oleic, ricinoleate, palmitic, stearic, linoleic and linolenic acids. Because of this, castor oil on only cleanses the body but also nourishes it with beneficial substances.

Because castor oil does not act instantly, it is better to take it in the afternoon. In this next 5-6 hours is recommended not to go out and stay home as it will last a laxative effect of this "drug".
Before the cleanse, be sure to consult with your doctor.

To clean the intestines, will need castor oil and lemon. The amount required for the cleaning of the castor oil depends on your body mass of 1 kg of weight should take 1 g of oil. Before use oil should be slightly warmed in a water bath. Then, you can drink, then drink freshly squeezed lemon juice (amount of juice depends on how much is consumed castor oil: lemon juice should be taken in 2 times more than castor oil).

Usually after taking castor oil and lemon juice nauseated. To cope with nausea by using raisins: you need to eat a small handful of raisins and the problem will be solved.

The next 10-12 hours nothing to eat and drink. The output of such a cleansing program needs to be gradual: it is recommended to start with unsalted boiled rice (boil it should be on the water), slice of rye bread and natural yoghurt.

After this cleaning not only removed from the body toxins, but also reduces the weight. As a rule, the weight is reduced by 3-4 kg, but the bulk of pounds have gone into the water. Although you should not get upset, because due to the fact that the bowel was cleansed, restored their absorptive function and thus metabolism.
After cleansing the body with castor oil normalizes the level of sugar in the blood, and is an oppressive feeling of fatigue.

Useful features of castor oil

Cleaning the body is intoxicated - is not the only feature of castor oil. This oil can help you to prolong youth, to preserve the beauty and health. For example, if you regularly lubricate the eyelashes and eyebrows castor oil and leave this mask on 17-20 minutes, and then rinse with warm boiled water, the hairs will become thicker and stronger.

Excellent fights this oil and wrinkles, freckles and even orange peel. Recommended daily applied slightly warmed in a water bath castor oil to clean skin and leave for 27-30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.