Before you start styling, wash your hair, blot excess moisture with a towel and dry them with the Hairdryer without a nozzle in an arbitrary order to a slightly damp state. Hairstyle will not work if dry up hair or leave it too wet.
On damp hair apply a styling product. It not only helps to preserve the shape, but also protect your hair from the hot air dryer. If you have coarse hair, there are special tools, making them softer and more pliable. For thin and soft hair foams and mousses, giving them extra volume and strength.
To add volume to short hair, lift the hair from the root and direct a jet of air under your palm. Stacking produce in the direction from the face to the back of the head, or from the parting. In this case, use a flat brush. Very short hair can be laid, spending during drying brush against the hair growth, or simply giving the desired shape with your hands.
If you have long hair, use a round brush with a large diameter. Carefully wrap it on the strand during drying spin brush, directing the hot air from the root and then along the entire length of hair. To the styling was high-quality and long held, it is important to keep dried hair do not touch with wet. So long hair is from the back of the head, the other strands stab.
To make hair, take a round brush with a small diameter or curlers. Screw it on the strand and a good dry with a Hairdryer. The strand should not be too thick, otherwise curl won't dry out and disintegrate. It is important to remember that thin long hair is very sensitive to the influence of hot air, so it is better to dry cold or gentle.
The hair is dried up, but the hair isn't ready yet. To create a complete image of the place accents: highlight individual strands, fixing the shape of the haircut, complete bangs, lightly spray hair with hairspray. Now your laying completed.