Modern beauty industry offers many tools and ways to create beautiful curls. In addition to traditional curlers of various shapes and diameters, this includes all sorts Curling iron, special irons with gentle ceramic coating, Curling irons with a variety of attachments, ionizers, and thermostats. Thus, the task is only to pick up the device for Curling, the most suitable hair type and desired result.
Short hair is the most suitable choice is a Curling iron with a small diameter. Depending on the shape of haircuts you can either curl only the ends of the strands or the hair throughout its length. Curling is best suited for both of these tasks, because it allows you how to curl the ends and create a basal volume. If the hair is sufficiently grown, it can help to curl these curls.
When using an electric Curling iron it is important to remember that touching hot metal and even ceramic hair harm, so it is important not to overdo new curls Curling or Ironing. Desirable to wind the same section several times, so as not to burn through the hair. If you want a more stable perms need to use special foams for packing.
If a Perm is required daily is better to abandon the forceps in favor of the traditional eyelash curler is the least traumatic method of Curling hair. Curler is better not to wind close to each other and not to pull tight strands when Curling. This will help to protect hair from excessive voltage.
Curl short hair with a length not more than 5-6 cm of the original and secure using Bobby pins pockets. On washed, slightly dried hair apply styling foam, then separate the strands welling in his tucks and fixed. To create more volume and give a natural look to the hair strands should be screwed in different directions. New clips hair must be dried with a Hairdryer. Thus, in just 15-20 minutes you can create a beautiful lush hair, with slight natural curls.