Looks like Bob?

Bob-Bob refined and elegant haircut, length chin. It can be as smooth, and with different length edges. The downside of this haircut is that it is often necessary to touch up at the Barber shop. This caret does not require much time for styling. Best of all, it will look on straight thick hair. Then the haircut will look even more elegant. Bob-Bob can be used in all the stylistic variations: from classic to grunge.

Types of Bob

Bob-Bob has a lot of types of execution.

1. Straight Bob. The most demanding hair cut. Requires a perfectly straight hair.

2. A layered Bob. A good option for owners of broad cheekbones and forehead.

3. Asymmetrical Bob. The most recent variation of this hairstyle. Looks original and unusual. Combined with bangs of different shapes and lengths.

4. With extra long strands. Sometimes this haircut is referred to as "the swallow" because of the long front strands, which resemble the tail of a swallow.

5. A-Bob. The bangs in this haircut the length of the front strands. The ends of the hair straight.

6. Tousled Bob. Strands of different length.

To suit this Bob?

Bob-Bob is a versatile haircut that is suitable to the young ladies, and the ladies of venerable age. Differs only in style. The Bob can be with bangs, without bangs.

Most suitable is the square dark chubby brunettes with thick hair. Also will look good on women with aristocratic neck. The Bob perfectly conceals broad and massive cheekbones. This is a versatile haircut, but to every type of person needed her individual selection.

As with any haircut, Kara loves well-groomed and healthy hair. Shine hair attached to the grooming charm and sophistication. Why you should consider hair restoration. On curly hair Kare will create a lot of inconveniences: require daily straightening and means strong hold.

How to style your Bob?

This haircut can be subjected to any styling from formal to casual. But we should remember that styling the caret must be done in accordance with the type of person. Chubby women it is best to apply styling to the hair, owners of oval face enough to straighten hair or give it volume. For women with narrow and long face it is better to stop giving sloppy hair volume. Regardless of variety, the Bob can be installed quickly and easily.