You will need
  • Hairdryer;
  • Round brush;
  • Hair straighteners;
  • Composition with a chemical oxidant;
  • Converter;
  • Hair conditioner.
Method thermovibrational valid for a short time. For the procedure, use the Hairdryer or hair straighteners.
If your hair is soft with big curls will suit a hot Hairdryer and a large round brush. Wet your hair, divide it into strands, then combing them with a brush, pull back from the roots to the ends under a stream of hot air.If coarse hair, and small curls, straightening with tongs-straighteners. On hair apply the product to straighten and let them dry. Secure the hair at the nape. From there, select one strand, forceps, starting from the roots, slide down to the tips, straightening it. So repeat for all strands.
Unlike the method of thermovibrational, treatments with chemical substances make the short hair straight for a long time. They will not be twisted until the strands will not grow back to full length. Mainly use three chemical hair straightener:- sodium Hydroxide, having a very aggressive alkaline environment. It deeply penetrates into hair and makes them soft, resulting in a slight swelling. Suitable for coarse hair. In the end the hair looks more lush, become direct.- The guanidine hydroxide having a less aggressive nature. It relates to non-alkaline straighteners, but very dry hair. Suitable for hair with normal texture.- Ammonium thioglycolate is the most gentle, but at the same time, the most expensive rectifier. It is suitable for weak hair.
The procedure is carried out in three stages: the hair treatment composition with a chemical oxidizing agent, the consolidation of catalyst neutralization and conditioning.
Short hair after straightening treat damaged, so they should be nourished with masks and oils.