Options of hairstyles for every day

One of the main foundations of any hair properly styled hair. Then they can do any packing. So, to put the master, Bob or shorter hair, is to wash your hair, thoroughly wet hair and apply some mousse to the strands to create volume. You must then make a parting in the right place, which is more suitable to the face shape and dry strands Hairdryer.

While for short hair, unlike the long, it is best to use the round hairbrush with stiff bristles and pulling it strand by strand, otherwise the hair will fluff from the air flow even more. At the end of the dry spinning is wound on the brush and hold it for some time, putting the instrument's temperature at a cool setting.
In this case, the hair will keep the volume but won't look too airy and dishevelled.

Another option feminine styling for every day – long hair that look really good in a short length. This head also should be washed and then thoroughly dried in the dryer or naturally. After that, the curls need to apply the heat tool, and then extrude them with a straightening iron, strand by strand. In the end, to fix the look, you need to take a bit of wax, RUB it between his palms and hold them in the hair. And then just comb it finished installation.

The options of evening hairstyles

For evening styling short and curvy hair best, of course, will fit big curls. To do this, you can use regular or hot rollers of large diameter. Last need to cheat only on dry hair. Hair should be divided into Central, left and right sides. First it is better to cheat from the back of his head, and strands on the sides from the crown to the ears. Ready curls can be brushed on but better to just spread their hands and sprinkle the hair lacquer for fixing.
On a less solemn event, you can create the effect of wet hair, causing the strands still wet with a little gel and leaving them to dry naturally without combing.

Of hair shoulder-length you can do a French chignon or as it is called, shell. For this pre-dried and extruded with the help of the hair should be gathered at the nape, then slowly laid so that their shape began to resemble a seashell. To fix this look best of all with pins, matching in color to the shade of hair. And decorate it beautiful and stylish comb or even fresh flowers if they are appropriate for the ceremony.