If your browser settings you changed earlier, it must default to save your browsing history, logging all the sites visited. If you remember when you visited the web page, you can easily find it and re-open.
In the menu section of the browser first open the "History" or "History", then select the desired item from several: "Yesterday", "Today", "last week" or "this month". After clicking on the desired line opens the list of websites you've visited for the selected period. Finding the desired page, click on it with the left mouse button. The browser will immediately open the tab with the page you were looking for.
There is an easier way to restore the tab, but it must be the condition of the browser session should not be interrupted. If you haven't closed it, just right click on the line where you located all of your open tabs. A context menu will appear – select "Restore closed tab". Page, which was closed, opens immediately.
Harder to resolve the issue with the recovery of information from a remote page. Luckily, all the deleted information for a period of time stored in the cache search. In the case of Google search engine to find a bookmark in the cache memory of the search page, enter the query in the active browser. Address here is for example, replace it with the address of the desired page.
You can restore your personal page in the social network. The most popular of them have the "Help" section, "Frequently asked questions" or F. A. Q. If the rules of a particular network are allowed to restore deleted user pages, in this page you will be able to find information on this. Most likely you will first need to specify the "login password" you used to call your page. Also obligatory e-mail address to which your account has been bound, or phone number.