Lace decor

Decorating shirts with lace. This variation will add a touch of femininity and romanticism. This is due to the fact that the lace has a light and airy feel. Sew lace you on the edge of the sleeves and the neckline. It is also possible to carry out various lace patterns, or even floral arrangements. There's one kind of fantasy.

Mike-the skeleton

Design with scissors. With such a cutting tool can be attached to Mike just beyond recognition. Most of all to perform such a design is suitable for cotton fabrics. A popular variation of the cutting of the shirt – this t shirt-skeleton. On the back side of the product is one vertical cut in the center of the spine, and then, at intervals of 1.5-2 cm horizontal incisions are made, imitating the ribs. Between the slits the fabric is interestingly Packed in a tube and will look attractive.

Decoration lightning

Transform and dyeing the shirt will help ordinary lightning. You can cut the sleeve to the neckline and to sew back the zipper, preferably with runners on both sides. And you can just sew on the shirt unbuttoned and the zipper, bent it in an interesting way. Better, if such zippers are multicolored.

Rhinestones or sequins

When your tank still looks great, she has an interesting style and actual colors, but you have become boring, then refresh it or glue sequins and rhinestones. The number of sparkly depends only on the desire of the owner. These are just some of the options for modifying the design of the old shirts. Also you can decorate it with embroidery, beads, paint markers or paints to make the application.