You will need
  • a solid - color t-shirt;
  • - threads;
  • - needle stitching;
  • pencil, marker or fabric chalk;
  • gasket;
  • water - soluble or invoice outline;
  • - copy paper;
  • - the original image;
  • - fittings for additional finishing.
For embroidery purchase plain t-shirt. Check to see if she sheds. It's not necessary to wash the whole shirt, just soak in soapy water a small piece of tissue (it is better to take the one that is attached to things). Attach it to white fabric. If trace is left, feel free to use this shirt as a basis for embroidery.
Iron thing hot iron on the reverse and obverse sides. Determine the place where you want to position the embroidery. Often use right or left upper corner of the front. But your embroidery can be placed where needed (center, bottom, on the sleeve, etc.).
Select the image you want to decorate a t-shirt. A small child will fit various characters from the cartoons; older kids will love to wear a t-shirt with the name of your favorite computer game or a funny phrase. Embroidered sayings and aphorisms is suitable for adults. Can also see the image of the security patterns.
Determine method of embroidery. On the t-shirt will look good as cross stitch and embroidery. Can add various accessories (stones, crystals, etc.) to give your work originality. Especially nice for young children (for example, if embroidered unicorn, the eyes-rhinestones).
Attach to t-shirt transfer paper. She put the picture with the source image. Gently circle the contours of the figures, the essential elements of the background. If you choose to embroider the technique of "cross", put a picture on special canvas.
On the wrong side of the shirt, in that place, where is the picture, glue, special sealant. It is sold in sewing shops, fabric is glued with hot iron and wet gauze. Sealer is needed, so that the image did not work smoothly constricted and looked at the shirt.
Baste the canvas to the right place. To do this, use a thin needle that the fabric had no holes. Embroider in the required number of threads. When the work is completed, carefully tear the fabric of the slip, pulling it in one thread. Water soluble canvas uninstall instruction.