You will need
  • Clothes that require updates (dresses, jeans, sundresses, t-shirts), sewing machine, needles, thread, pins, crayons, the tape, ruler, lace, ribbon, beads, decoration, decal, remnants of different kinds of fabrics, fittings (helenite, eyelets, metal crystals), scissors, imagination and sewing skills.
If you take a long dress, which has long been gathering dust in the closet. What can be done? The most logical is shortened. Put on the dress near the mirror pinning the pins of the desired length, then lay out on the table. Using a ruler and crayons, align the cutting line, focusing on the tags with pins. Leave a 1.5 cm allowance for ACC region. Shorten dress, treat the edge of the fabric and hem, retreating from the edge from 1 to 5 mm depending on the tissue. Now the bottom of the dress can be decorated to tack to it a lace braid or to embroider with beads and beads. If the dress is already short, it can simply be decorated with decorative ornaments, brooches, rhinestones. If you are tired of long sleeves on the dress you similar to their crop to the level of the elbow or above.
How to make old <strong>clothes</strong> fashion
For example, modernization is subject to a plain cotton dress with a round neckline. What we're doing here. A round neck dress can be treated with a thin lace, gently PrimeTV it manually. Pick a thin glowing fabric in the tone or the right color scheme, for example chiffon. Measuring tape measure the length from the point under the breast to the bottom of dresses as well as hip measurements. These sizes tailor chiffon rectangle, but the hips add fifty centimeters below the item could prisborivat. Sew side seam, finish off the bottom of the fabric, the top need to prisborivat, it is easy to do using thread when sewing spandex. Now with a ruler and chalk draw a straight line under the Breasts on the dress, it sew the chiffon skirt. Since you need to sew on the front side, the edge of the chiffon skirt on top of the fold that he was in between the fabrics. And on top you can manually tack decorative braid.
Now let's get to your favorite jeans. Ahead of the summer, so you can indulge in shorts. Mark the desired length, draw a chalk line and cut the excess. The edge of the jeans can not bind, but rather to deconstruct his hands, just below the thread sticking out, it will give the shorts playfulness. Now we decorate them. You can use the grommets and helenite metal jewellery can look beautiful as a belt and the pockets of his shorts. The bottom if you wish, you can embroider shells, but only on the front part, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to sit on.
So, following the analogy of the above examples, you can upgrade almost any thing – from added brooches from feathers to leather mini dresses. A little patience and imagination and your stuff will find a second life.