Before you start photographing you must define what your future will be the main frame. That funny dog lies under the table? In this case, remove it so that the viewer first drew attention on her and not on the table. For example, move in closer and remove her closeup. Search for always and everywhere the correct perspective, even if they have to walk a little bit around the object. Follow the rule of "Golden section".
Never shoot against the sun. The best images are obtained if the sun shines behind you or back and sides. Then the landscape or the faces of the friends that you take will be well lit. This rule you need to follow even when the sky is covered with clouds. And the most beautiful pictures are those short periods when the sun rises or sets.
If you're shooting people, don't cut their feet, brush the top of the head, etc. the Three most profitable option – full height, waist-or a portrait image (head). Never "cut" a man's arm at the elbow, legs to the knee – it seems that your model is actually amputated part of the body.
While traveling, almost all believe that it is necessary to act against some famous object. Eiffel tower, Coliseum, Kremlin... the Man runs away as possible from the photographer to fit all – and he and the object. The result usually turns out that person is not visible at all and the desired object is half cut off. Look for other angles. For example, move away from the object. Then it will be possible to successfully put in the picture and the man close up, and the most Eiffel tower, which at a distance looks so small.