What is art photography

Art photography is a photograph reflecting a creative world and a special vision of the world of the photographer as an artist. It is characterized by various technical means. They bring a wealth of figurative language. Art photography is not reportage photography, not a commercial photo used in advertising. It is a world reflecting the inner world of its author. It goes far beyond the photographic frame, turning from a normal photo into a piece of art. How does it happen? Why suddenly some photography becomes "art"?

For creating art photos, you must use the methods, techniques, devices and materials that are not used in classic photography. And this is not necessarily the latest computer technology. Today it is fashionable toning, large grain, bromine-silver paper and other "rare" things. To create art-photo good monocular lenses. Everything your heart desires photographer, and that, in his opinion, will better reflect its conceptual idea.

Art photography, despite the fact that in everyday life, in advertising, in the media, they are not used, are very popular. They are not created to order, and the movement of the soul. Just like the picture. And then sold for big money the owners of galleries and private collections.

What should be art photography

Art photography should be beautiful. No, it's not one-hundred-fiftieth of the sunset and not the sexy blonde in a bikini. The story of art-photographs must be far from the classic plot of Fig. Sometimes he's a horrible, cruel, incomprehensible. But beautiful in its horribleness, cruelty, incomprehensibility. In the art of photography should be intriguing. This is not the plot, which lies on the surface. Looking at art-photography, the viewer needs to "think out" what is happening, try to figure depicted. It is this mystery and makes the genre of art photography so appealing.

Art photography – a combination of the real world with the surreal. Space for the imagination where there are no rules and restrictions. Art could be manifested in a variety of ways. Including those that nobody has yet discovered. It may be psychological monochrome portrait, romantic pastels, black and white fantasy or children's expressive tale. In art photography, models and objects are never themselves. They transform into heroes and heroines of works "written" by the photographer. This helps them fancy makeup, body painting, feysart unique scenery. If the art of photography captures nature, usually in atypical manifestations. Snow in June, rainbow in winter. I think it does not happen? In the art of photography is everything.