Yeast infection which is the causative agent of yeast fungus, is considered a rather common disease affecting almost any area of the skin and mucous membranes. Fungi can breed in the mouth, on the genitals, in the anus, the fingers and toes, etc.

Distinguish between different types of fungus that are inherent in the different diseases. For example, in the feces of yeast fungus indicates bacterial infection of the body. Generally, its presence means that a process began, which disrupted the natural microflora of the human intestine. To confirm the diagnosis should be additional analysis on a dysbacteriosis, which is quite serious and delicate problem. With proper treatment functions of the digestive system are restored, and yeast in the stool not to bother.

Yeast fungus in smear is found when detailed analysis. The reason for their appearance may be the use of drugs (antibiotics), the weakening of immune protection, hormonal changes, certain diseases (diabetes), etc. In appearance distinguish spores, mycelium and pseudomycelium, yeast cells. For each disease is characterized by a particular yeast fungus.

Babies are peculiar lesion of the oral cavity, which is a consequence of non-observance of rules of personal hygiene, penetration dirty objects in his mouth and on the mucosa, tongue, gums covered with a white coating, which need to be addressed. At the moment there are a lot of drugs and tools for getting rid of unpleasant symptoms in children and adults. The main thing is to consult a doctor and follow the dosage. It is impossible to scrape off the plaque as it leads to the discovery of the bleeding and deterioration of the baby.

Most often, the appearance of fungal infection affects women in postmenstrually the period when menopause. This is because the significantly reduced immune protection of an organism, there are various disruptions on the hormonal level that increases the risk of oncological diseases, etc., the female signs of reproduction of the fungus are the appearance of white cheesy vaginal discharge, itching in the groin area and anus, irritation of tissues, pain during sexual intercourse or when urinating.

With the defeat of the circulatory system of yeast can occur fever, and the lack of treatment could lead to penetration of infection in the brain. And it is fraught with negative consequences: the emergence of mental disorders, serious disorders of the nervous system.

One of the natural ways that help to destroy the yeast fungus in women is to use yogurt tampons. It is necessary to moisten a cotton swab or gauze flagellum in milk products, after which cautiously introduced into the vagina. Properties of yogurt aimed at the elimination of harmful fungus without disturbing the natural microflora of the reproductive system. Also effective is the use of garlic. You can squeeze the juice, then moisten the swab and place in the vagina or wrap the clove with gauze and enter inside. The procedure is repeated for several days. The condition of the patient is substantially improved and the risk of reinfection is reduced. In any case, you need to monitor the cleanliness, to prevent the disease again.