First you need to decide what type of piercing you want to do. Horizontal piercing is a deep puncture is made parallel to the lip. Vertical suggests a hole made in the center of the lips. There is a Monroe piercing, it is performed above the lip, not the center, to create the likeness of a mole.
Buy at the pharmacy catheter needle and the piercing. It is better to take the jewelry out of titanium, they are Hypo-allergenic. There are piercings-labret, consisting of a head and of a rod or piercings-rings. Labret rings take root better, besides, the latter should be set so that they are located between the teeth and damaged enamel.
If you are afraid of pain, give me a shot of lidocaine or another anesthetic. Then wipe the jewelry-piercing alcohol. Do not wipe the needle, and so it is sterile. Then carefully puncture the lip on the front needle and insert the piercing. The wound usually heals within 2-4 weeks.