You will need
  • Disinfectant (hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine), sterile gloves, cotton pads, jewelry.
If you decide to pierce your nose, please note that the soft cartilage is very flexible, and insert the earring into a new puncture may not be just because the skin is moving. Insert the earring from the needle.
Disinfect the jewelry, hold it in the solution of hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine for about 10 minutes.
With the power to inhale the air with your nose. On the nose there are two "dimples". The middle of each "dimple" is a perfect place for a puncture. Enlighten the nose and choose for piercing the place where there are no blood capillaries. Mark this place with a marker.
Dampen a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine and wipe his puncture to disinfect.
Put on sterile surgical gloves. Take the needle out of the original packaging. Piercing needles should be hollow inside. Make sure that the thickness of the needle makes it easy to add your decoration.
Pinch the nostril of a special forceps for body piercing. The hole in the forceps should be at the marked puncture site.
Pierce the nose, inserting the needle into the hole of the clip.
Detach the nose from the Curling iron, leaving the needle in the skin. Insert the needle hole of your jewelry – be it a ring, spiral or a small stud.
Abruptly remove the needle from the puncture. The shackle will remain inside.
Lock the earring in the nose. If this ring is most likely one of his pieces will be hollow. Insert a thin the tip of the earring and gently push. The shackle must be firmly closed, but to have the right form of the circle. If you insert a spiral or a ring with a ball, after the puncture, tighten the bead onto the thread until it stops. If you stick a stud in your nose, try to fix the second part of earrings inside the nostrils, fixing a piercing. Some carnations have on the inside of the rod a small ball. It does not Unscrew, but at the expense of its thickening allows to tightly hold the piercing in place. Until your puncture heals, be careful with this earring: it may fall out due to the fact that the puncture is still wider than the rod. However, as healing a puncture takes the form of a rod and a small ball with the inner part of the nose will be a good fixing of jewelry.
Do not pull out the earring until the puncture is not completely healed (on average, it takes 5-7 days when the weather is favorable and the proper care of the wound).
A week later, the puncture will acquire a fixed form, and to change the decorations will be simple and painless. Insert piercing healed a hole in your nose should be in the same way, but without needles.