First and foremost, consider what part of the body you wish to pierce themselves. The concept of piercingand allows you to make holes anywhere: navel, nose, tongue, ear, eyelid and so on. Once you have chosen the future site of the puncture, go to the pharmacy and buy an ordinary dropper, antiseptic and cotton wool.
Decoration, for which you'll puncture a hole, prepare in advance. To do this, take a small clean container, pour on some antiseptic, as for alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or hlorgeksidin. Then put in a container decoration.
A small piece of cotton wet with an antiseptic and thoroughly wipe off the future site of the puncture. The same should be done with a needle, which you will find in the kit with a dropper.
Then visually mark the puncture site, look at yourself in the mirror, so you do not make the hole again. Slowly push the needle into the skin as the needle will come out from the back side, remove from pan with antiseptic decoration and insert it into the catheter needle. Slow motion, holding with one hand the product, pull the needle out from the hole.
Now the decoration can be closed. Clean again with antiseptic, the puncture site and every 4-5 hours repeat this process. The first few days, the skin around the puncture will be a bit swollen and reddened, but should not be afraid because this is normal. In addition, you may experience mild pain or simply discomfort.
The result of the work rate in front of the mirror. If the location of the puncture in the end you are not entirely satisfied with, it is better to pull the accessory from the hole and let it scab. Just a week of it will be over and the puncture can be repeated.
Complete healing of the piercingand lasts up to 3 months, it depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the puncture site, and the composition of the accessory you plan to wear. Immediately after the puncture it is advisable to use product from the medical alloy, and when there will be healing, it can be replaced with any other decoration.