Advice 1: How to pierce tongue

Tongue pierced is a fashion statement. Today, this method of decoration uses a variety of people, but he came into the present through the millennia: the Aztecs had a similar manipulation of the body. To make a puncture in the cabin, but it costs money and you can own a home, but you need to understand that the process is quite painful.
How to pierce tongue
You will need
  • the post for language
  • - a hollow needle from the blood transfusion service
  • - disinfectant for equipment
  • - disinfectant for the mouth
  • - cotton swabs
  • mirror
Puncture language — the process is painful. This can result in significant bleeding, if the offending vein. Need to tune to make it faster. Be prepared that the drop of blood may fall on the floor, select a place where there are no rugs in front of you and a convenient mirror. Do not use the mirror that you want to hold in your hands, because you will need all your fingers for further manipulation. Game for puncture should be hollow. Through it you will then insert the rod. Please make sure that it is placed in the hole so that no further had to have the procedure again.
Disinfect tools and hands. For this you can use special tools, and can regular rubbing alcohol. Then disinfect the mouth, it will approach a "Stomatidin" or other substances which are easy to find at any pharmacy. Have stabbing right in the middle of the tongue. It is the least sensitive place, and there are not large vessels. Puncture to do a vertical and not at an angle. The smoother is the movement, the easier to wear jewelry in the future.
Stick out your tongue, hold it with one hand. In the salons for this purpose there are special tongs, because people instinctively trying to draw the tongue back. At home all have to do with his hands. Fix the language, and aim at the puncture site. The closer it is to the teeth, the more likely that the enamel will be hurt by the bar when talking or chewing food. Puncture need to make sudden and quick movement. No need to slowly insert the needle, as it would be too painful. Put the needle vertically and one press enter it in fabric. Then using the needle slide the rod and remove the tool to pierce and screw in the second bulb. Treat puncture repeatedly with a disinfectant.
After puncture of the language will be a lot of blood. Do not worry, this is temporary, use a cotton pad. During the first hours there swelling of the tissues. It will be held during the week. After each meal, caress your mouth with special solutions for disinfection, so that the puncture is not inflamed. Complete healing occurs within 6 weeks prior to this language it would hurt, it is difficult to speak and eat solid food.

Advice 2 : How to pierce the correct language

Doing the piercing of the tongue is best at the salon. To perform this procedure alone is highly undesirable. Properly done piercing tongue looks nice and does not interfere with its owner. Before you pierce your tongue, you need to choose a piece, preferably of titanium or surgical steel and you can safely go to a professional.
How to pierce the correct language
Select any tattoo shop or any Barber shop, in which you can pierce the tongue. In no case do not try to do piercing language in the home – it can end in tears. Yes, and to puncture is unlikely to succeed, because you need to know not only the location to which you want to insert a decoration, but also to have all the necessary tools to carry out the procedures.
The day before visiting the salon not eat garlic, onions and do not drink alcohol – the smell from these products out from the body approximately 2-3 days. Do not forget to carefully brush your teeth before you go to do the piercing.
Rinse your mouth with a disinfectant solution, which will give you. The wizard will hold your tongue with forceps and make a puncture with a special needle, which will be located 1.5-2 cm from the tip. If you want a piercing of the frenulum of the tongue, in advance, discuss the matter with the master. But it is worth noting that puncture a few centimeters from the tip is much more noticeable to others than piercing the frenulum, which is located on the inner side of the tongue.
After the tongue is pierced, you'll insert the jewelry. The first days of the puncture will swell and hurt, but on the third day you will notice a decrease in swelling and pain. Eat soft foods and treat your mouth with a disinfectant solution, at least rinse the mouth.
If the language will not be long to heal, or will the pus then immediately visit the salon where you had the piercing. In some cases, the puncture can rot. But don't worry you will prescribe a course of antibiotic therapy. This can occur if the puncture got food or microbes, for example, with a sore throat disease or SARS. Gradually, the tongue will heal and the beauty will delight you with its brilliance.
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