To affect the quality download of the film, you can use some simple but effective methods. If you find a movie on one of the sites for online viewing, adjust three basic settings: lower the video quality to a level where the picture stops freezing and the speed of download will be acceptable for easy viewing.
Turn off all programs using your network connection, including downloading via torrent and update processes. Thus you maximize the speed of the Internet and improve the quality of viewing.
Contact your Internet provider and change tariff plan to the tariff plan that allows you to download movies and other files with a higher speedth.
When you download a movie using download Manager, change the priority loading. Increase the score, turn off all the loadacting on the moment, and close the active Internet browser. If you have enabled torrent client, also turn it off even if you don't upload. The output of the file affects the speed of loading is no less than the loading itself.
If to download the film, use the torrent client will notice the increased speed network access. To restrict network access disable any active download managers and directly the Internet browser. Then, using the Explorer bar and the track of the torrent client, close all applications currently download from the network update.
Start the app "task Manager" and select all processes whose name is the word "update". Complete them by clicking on the "End process". After that go back to the torrent client and change the setting returns to 1 KB per second. Stop all non-priority loadand speed download the film rises to a noticeable level.