Newborn pimples on face: causes

Pimples on the face of newborn may have hormonal causes. After birth, the baby's body thus responds to the release of maternal hormones. Pimples appear unexpectedly and are slowly but baby they do not bring any discomfort.

Small pimples on face newborn may be consequences of an allergic reaction to mixture, or eaten by mom products while breastfeeding. When you eliminate the allergen from the diet of women or the change of feeding a baby they should go away within a few days.

Allergies can have a non-edible character, and pimples on the face in the newborn can occur due to detergents, powders, creams.

Acne can act as climate change, due to exposure to cold air. Their appearance may also be indicative of dysbiosis.

Small red bumps on face newborn may be just a heat rash. They usually appear on the background redness of the skin in hot weather and overheating.

To identify the causes of pimples on face newborn using the reference of the special diary, which records the foods consumed by mother care products, the reaction of the baby.

Treatment of acne on the face in newborns

When the baby is bathing, you should use only natural remedies, it is good to wash them. Marks on the baby's face need to remove the wipes. In any case can not be used for the treatment of pimples remedies for adults and medicines without a prescription. To make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment can only a doctor.

Prevention of pimples on face newborn

During breastfeeding the mother must strictly follow a diet and monitor the reaction of the baby on the use of individual products. Iskusstvennom need to carefully select compound, to change it in case of allergic reactions.

Child air baths and good hygiene. For bathing and washing dishes for a newborn you should only use special tools.