The child who is on natural feeding, allergies can cause those substances on which it feeds his mom. Therefore, lactating women should not eat chocolate, fruits red and orange colors, nuts, shrimp, etc., Any foods can cause allergies, so it should be introduced gradually, to follow the body's reaction to this product. After contact with the allergen from the mother's milk or solid foods into the intestine, it is absorbed into the blood and spreads throughout the body.
The most sensitive to allergen the skin. In response to allergic substances the skin is covered with rash that can occur all over the body or only in some places. Most allergic rashes the child appears on the cheeks, buttocks, thighs and in places of natural folds – the creases of the elbows, neck, groin. Rarely, allergic rashes appear on a baby's ears or palms. Differential distinguishing feature of the sweat is the symmetry of the location of the allergic rash. While heat rash often affects the side where the baby slept, or only the neck.
Allergic reaction can be manifested by rashes of different caliber, in severe cases, the rash coalesces into large bubbles. Small rash quickly bursts and the skin has a scaly look. If you are allergic the skin becomes dry to the touch, inelastic. New podsypanina the skin leads to micro-cracks, the epidermis gets easily hurt, when combing emerges capillary blood. When a large flushed rash sometimes there is "moist surface". The process of healing is long and requires careful maintenance.
The contents of the vesicles in allergic rashes - serous, i.e. transparent. If not properly maintained or scratching of the skin the accession of infection, for example Staphylococcus or Streptococcus. In this case, the bubble liquid becomes cloudy, sometimes yellowish. When suppuration healing process more difficult.
When a local rash affected area is congested, i.e., redden the cheeks or buttocks. If the rash is poured all over the body – pimples are observed with content, and around them a red halo. Allergic reactions are always accompanied by itching, so the baby is cranky, not sleeping well.
Often allergies can be localized on mucous membranes – affects the lips, lower eyelid, girls have labia. Allergies in these places petechial rash, which is accompanied by severe itching.
Sometimes in infants appears contact Allergy, which is characterized by the appearance of fine lesions in areas of contact with the stimulus, for example, in the crotch area - if you are using the wrong diapers. May appear rash all over the body and after use of the new children's soap, sometimes the skin of the baby does not fit a specific fabric clothing.
In cases when the allergen is excluded from objects of care, of feeding a baby or nursing mothers, Allergy symptoms become more pronounced and spilled. If you exclude food products containing allergic substances, it can re-try to enter in a few months, when the immune system of a baby will get stronger.