Treatment of food Allergy should begin with the diet, exceptions are possible food allergen from the diet. But one should not "fight" with the Allergy yourself; otherwise, it can be not worsen, in each case, therapeutic tactics need to identify a pediatrician or allergist.
If the baby is only breastfed, then first from the nursing mothers diet for two weeks completely eliminated all potential allergens, as well as industrial products that have in their composition preservatives, artificial coloring, crystal sugar and emulsifier of fats (the label these substances and are denoted by — emulsifiers, dyes). Sugar, salt, broth and fried foods are eliminated completely. Limit the amount of consumption of dairy products. For a child suffering from food allergies, it is very important to preserve breastfeeding.
If your infant is on mixed or artificial feeding, it is likely that the cause of Allergy was cow's milk protein, which is in baby formula; therefore, it is necessary to partially or completely replace milk mixture, a special hypoallergenic mixture (prescribed by doctor), which will be based on soy protein or a special mixture in which protein is depleted to the minimum level of individual amino acids (specialised mixture) — in this case, the development of allergies is impossible. But even in this diet, there are drawbacks: the child may show intolerance to soy protein, and hydrolyzed special mixes have a fairly unpleasant taste and besides there are expensive.
Can you cure Allergy in the newborn using folk methods. Take a series of dried herbs or two tablespoons and fill it with boiling water. Data warm infusion make lotions on the rash. The series is antiseptic, a few days allergic will begin to take place. The treatment lasts until the complete disappearance of the rash.