Symptomology the symptoms of heat rash from the newborn is multiple petechial rashes red in color and the bubbles with clear content. Localization of lesions is extensive. They can be on the neck, on the abdomen, on the inner side of the legs, in the armpits and in all the folds. By the way, in the folds of the skin can be detected in the lesions diaper rash. It should be noted that prickly heat does not affect the General condition of the child, can only in rare cases can occur itching.
Mechanicality be innocuous or symptoms, the rash should be treated. If it is strongly expressed, when bathing your baby in water you need to add a few crystals of potassium permanganate or infusion of chamomile flowers with a decoction of oak bark.
Skin folds you can try to wash the weak iodine solution, which is prepared as follows: one drop of iodine added to 1 Cup boiled water. After this procedure, be sure to powder the folds with baby powder.
For the treatment of lesions located outside of the folds, use a weak soda solution (1 teaspoon of baking soda per Cup of warm boiled water). The resulting solution with a cotton or gauze swab is processed affected skin.
There are folk remedies that help to cope with the sweating sickness in the newborn. 3 times daily one teaspoon give drink to the baby decoction of herbs pansies. To prepare it: take the chopped herbs in the amount of one teaspoon, pour her a glass of water and put to boil on low heat for 15 minutes
Depending on the age of the child regularly in a particular amount give fresh carrot juice.
Prophylactically remedy for heat rash is to prevent it. Pay attention to the fact that the baby does not overheat, and therefore did not sweat. Conduct daily air bath, looking at the same baby's skin folds and armpits. A good air bath in the hot and muggy weather. When swaddling your baby, not to forget to wipe his skin clean with a damp cloth. Daily bathing needs of the child for mom to become the norm.