The main symptoms of allergies in infants include the appearance of red, sometimes scaly spots on the body, redness of cheeks, rash that may appear on the body of the baby. The reasons for this reaction might be a big part of the daily processes - feeding, bathing, etc.

The treatment of allergies and itchy skin occurs because of it, it was quite difficult. After all, the kid is still too small, and it is still impossible to prescribe those drugs that are successfully used by adults. However, the way out is still there, but look for it soon along with a doctor.

Usually doctors prescribe the use of special cosmetic products - creams, powders, lotions containing a drying and antiseptic components. For example, it can be ointment with zinc cream with calendula or chamomile, and more. Today the market presented quite a lot of those drugs that are prescribed to children of any age, including newborns. Tools such as the doctors say, cover the body of the baby with a protective film, reduce itching and other discomfort associated with skin irritation.

Also a special diet is prescribed to the mother, if the child is breastfed. This diet is quite rigorous and involves complete elimination of that food that can be an allergen. So, mom needs to stop eating fish, eggs, eggs, nuts, honey, tarusova, coffee, chocolate, pickles, exotic fruits, mayonnaise, potato chips, preservatives, and much more. Also restrictions are imposed on a range of other products, such as milk, sour cream, sugar, bread and buns.

If the kid is on artificial feeding, it is necessary to choose a mixture, which contains cow protein (it often becomes a cause of Allergy). The mixture must appoint a physician.

The diet lasts for 3 months, but after this period it is impossible to return to the usual diet, should be very carefully and slowly introduce foods back in.

Child to relieve itching prescribed to take antihistamines. There are some medicines that are allowed for children from birth. There are not only drops, but also a special ointment. Apply them only according to instructions and fairly thick layer.

To relieve discomfort use of baths. To enhance the action of water herbal solutions. To relieve skin inflammation usually apply extracts of succession, chamomile or calendula. In some cases, it is recommended to wipe the cheeks of the infant infusion of herbs and then apply the cream on the baby's skin.

If an allergic reaction occurred under the diaper, often leave a child to poholodaet. Of course, follow its natural items, so it won't be wet for long. This leads to more skin irritation.