Why the need for the mustache strawberries

For strawberry, often referred to as strawberries, are characterized by the reproduction of a mustache. Immediately after the start of flowering some varieties produce long shoots with 3-5 sockets, which then take root and grow new bushes. And if you don't want to get planting material for further expansion of plantation of strawberries, all the whiskers need to be trimmed.

How to trim a mustache of strawberries

On the formation of whiskers Bush gives a lot of nutrients, so during the ripening of berries they need to be cut. Hard every day to monitor the emergence of new shoots in the garden and orchard, plenty of other work. Therefore it is better to wait for the mass appearance of moustache and all the time to remove. But this must be done correctly. First, the whiskers cannot be cut, you only trim. Second, be sure to leave a little escape, do not remove too short. Thirdly, need pruning in early morning or evening, but not humid day.

Preparing the strawberries for the winter

If you do not have time to trim the mustache in the summer, do it in the fall. To make your strawberries a good fruit for next year, cut the leaves at the same time remove and mustache. But don't cut at the very root, it is enough to remove the fading leaves. At the same time spend processing against diseases and pests. If your region's harsh winter, insulate planting, sawdust or pine needles.