Before you begin to plant out strawberries, to properly prepare a bed. To dig the earth and make humus.
The best time to be seated strawberries – the month of July, 20-25 numbers. In every Bush of the strawberry grow a mustache, the ends of which are formed rosettes with 3-4 leaves. It is important to remember if you decided to transplant the strawberries, in advance, for the year to mark the bushes, which was the best of all fruit. And the next year to make them masterbatch, that is, break off all the flowers and leave the mustache for reproduction. A Bush of strawberries can produce up to 30 outlets. And then you get the best planting material. Strawberries can give berries and give full shoots. Other strawberry bushes opposite the whiskers need to be trimmed so that was a full, rich harvest.
Separate the seedlings from the mother hive (it should be already with well-developed root system, and dig along with a small lump of earth. Once planted on a prepared seedbed.
After planting the plugs they should be watered from a small watering can with sprinkling method. Seedlings need to cover small sheets of paper and watered every day from watering 2-3 times during the week.
During the month of August to do 2-3 loosening the soil to a depth of 5 cm, so the seedlings are well accepted.
All summer will form a nice Bush and the following year these shoots will give a good harvest.