Advice 1: How to cut strawberries

The main value of strawberries – delicious and juicy berries. To on his plot a rich harvest of strawberries can be, need only time and correctly trim your bushes and produce proper care.
How to cut strawberries
You will need
  • - scissors or secateurs;
  • - hoe;
  • - organic fertilizers.
Pruning the leaves of strawberries gives you excellent results, so this process should be conducted at least twice a year. Because of this, the strawberries will be larger and sweet. First time make pruning immediately after the bushes let's first mustache. The plants will grow berries, and that they have grown larger, you should trim your mustache.
During the beginning of flowering of strawberries, leave two or three stems, others remove. Remember, the more stems will be left on the Bush, the smaller will grow berries. During flowering and three weeks after it fertilize plants with mineral fertilizers.
The second time, cut the strawberries after harvest. After Bush, there is not a single berry, the plant begins to let his mustache, which is much weaker and thinner than the original. Because the plant has spent a lot of effort on development and growth of berries. Place for breeding the very first mustache, released by the plant in the spring, by fall they will have good offspring.
The end of July to early August is the best time for pruning strawberries. Make it simple: collect all the leaves of the Bush of strawberries in his left hand and cut, leave only the stems sticking out and a mustache with a good sturdy rosettes. Outlet slightly prikopat the ground, the roots started to grow in the ground and strengthened. After pruning loosen the ground and make organic fertilizer.
Some gardeners do not share the opinion that the leaves should be cut off. However, this is a must, as fall under rotting leaves and old may receive a variety of pests that feed on the remains of leaves and roots of strawberries. To avoid this, the ground should be loose and rich in oxygen, and the leaves lie on the ground or be embedded in it (so always cut the leaves in late summer). Only following all these rules, you will be able to get a rich crop of large berries.

Advice 2: Do I need to trim their moustaches strawberries

Strawberry almost immediately after flowering begins to produce moustache - shoots, which formed the young bushes-sockets. To many novice gardeners, the question arises - is it necessary to trim their moustaches strawberries and when to do it.
Do I need to trim their moustaches strawberries

Why the need for the mustache strawberries

For strawberry, often referred to as strawberries, are characterized by the reproduction of a mustache. Immediately after the start of flowering some varieties produce long shoots with 3-5 sockets, which then take root and grow new bushes. And if you don't want to get planting material for further expansion of plantation of strawberries, all the whiskers need to be trimmed.

How to trim a mustache of strawberries

On the formation of whiskers Bush gives a lot of nutrients, so during the ripening of berries they need to be cut. Hard every day to monitor the emergence of new shoots in the garden and orchard, plenty of other work. Therefore it is better to wait for the mass appearance of moustache and all the time to remove. But this must be done correctly. First, the whiskers cannot be cut, you only trim. Second, be sure to leave a little escape, do not remove too short. Thirdly, need pruning in early morning or evening, but not humid day.

Preparing the strawberries for the winter

If you do not have time to trim the mustache in the summer, do it in the fall. To make your strawberries a good fruit for next year, cut the leaves at the same time remove and mustache. But don't cut at the very root, it is enough to remove the fading leaves. At the same time spend processing against diseases and pests. If your region's harsh winter, insulate planting, sawdust or pine needles.

Advice 3: Do I need to trim the leaves of strawberries after fruiting

Strawberry macrocarpa belongs to the perennial plants whose leaves are "after", grow old and die. They replaced grow new young. After the return of the crop, many growers cut "shaved" strawberry bushes. Is it right?
Do I need to trim the leaves of strawberries after fruiting

Harm from ongoing trimming of the bushes of strawberries

After the return of crop plants are again preparing for the laying of flower buds and the upcoming winter. If you trim all the leaves under zero", instead of all of the power to direct the future flower buds, the plants are mainly involved in the restoration of foliage, which serves as a "blanket" in the winter. A "strut" crippled and health of the bushes, the harvest in the next year the grower will receive less.

The exposed and unprotected roots of a radical "haircut" suffer from solar overheating and will dry. Plants will again protect, and restore damaged roots.

Benefit from ongoing cropping strawberry leaves

If you start pruning just the old "waste" leaf, without touching the young, and the bushes provide the best air flow and ventilation is good for plants.

You can remove patients with a spotting of the leaves, in order to avoid outbreaks of fungal infections.

You can remove the leaves, if berry bushes so impressed by spider mites. He lives and feeds on leaves, weakening the plants.

When you can trim the leaves of the bushes of strawberries

If, however, more reasons for pruning leaves, preferably such event to hold immediately after picking berries. The bushes should be given time to "recover" and "to grow" until the beginning of August (in Central Russia). In the more Northern regions of the country to such a question should be approached carefully before making a decision.

In any case, after harvest, pruning leaves, all the bushes should be treated against diseases and pests, feed potassium and phosphorus fertilizers and be sure to water, especially if the weather is dry.

Advice 4: Do I need to feed strawberries during flowering

If you wish to obtain a rich harvest of strawberries, you must ensure that the plants need care. Many gardeners believe that the strawberry plants during flowering is better not to disturb, but it is not. Remember, fertilizing these plants during flowering will have a positive impact not only on the number of berries in the future, but also on their quality.
Do I need to feed strawberries during flowering

Foliar application of strawberry during flowering

When feeding strawberries during flowering is not necessary to forget about its foliar diet. This procedure should be carried out three times during the growing season. First – as soon as the first leaves, the second with the appearance of stalks, the third - during the growth of the ovary.

When selecting foliar feeding of select drugs which includes about two grams of potassium sulfate and one gram of boric acid per liter. During the processing of strawberries pay special attention to the underside of the leaves of plants (the fact that the underside of the leaves absorbs most of the nutrients).

Root feeding of blossoming strawberries

It is worth remembering that during the period of active flowering strawberries in large amounts of necessary potassium, so if you want to get a good harvest, be sure to feed the plants with an infusion of bird droppings, wood ash solution, mullein or potassium nitrate.

In recent years, many gardeners as a root feed use yeast: a kilogram of compressed yeast is diluted in five liters of water, insist in a warm place a few hours after which pour them with the mixture of the strawberries in the calculation of a pint on a Bush. Also to prepare such a feed can be used and the yeast, however, the technology of preparation of the mixture is slightly different. Need a package of yeast to dissolve in a glass of warm water, add a tablespoon of sugar, let stand a few hours, after which the cooked mass pour into a five-gallon bucket of water, stir and you are ready to feed.

Advice 5: How to freeze strawberries for the winter: subtleties, nuances and recipes

If you have a good freezer, you can keep the taste, flavor, shape and use strawberries for a long time. You also need to carefully choose the berries. Frozen strawberries can be used for cooking pastries, compotes, jellies, cocktails. It is good in itself.
How to freeze strawberries for the winter: subtleties, nuances and recipes


Frozen strawberries: how to pick berries

To freeze strawberries, it is important to carefully choose the berries. Otherwise, when you defrost you will get a cloudy jelly with unappealing taste and color, not Zelenka beautiful and delicious berries. You should not choose to freeze perespevshey strawberries. It should be moderately ripe, dense and firm, not withered and watery.

For harvesting strawberries in winter to collect berries in hot and definitely not raining. It is desirable that a couple of days before the collection was not rain, then the berries will be more delicious. Better to give preference to small strawberries - it is well promarijuana.

Frozen strawberries: preparation of berries

There is a perception that strawberries before freezing wash. The supporters of this idea believe that the washed strawberries lose their flavor. If you believe in the purity of the berries can be frozen unwashed. So you can do with homemade berry. However, many doctors believe that washing strawberries - elementary hygiene. It's important to do it as fast as possible so the berries are not engorged with water.

Rinse the strawberries in small portions, but the water it does not regret. It should be cool. Wash the berries gently, not to damage their delicate skin.

Washed strawberries preferably placed in a sieve made of plastic. In it, the faster water will drain from the berries. Do not place the berries in a metal cookware in contact with her strawberries can change color - slightly darker.

Drain and carefully remove the stalk. If you are planning to freeze berries whole, should not be deleted. Without them, strawberries will immediately release the juice and lose shape.

Lay the berries on a paper towel in a single layer so that they do not touch each other. In this position, they must spend at least one hour. During this time the berries will well dry out.

Freezing berries: preparation of dishes

To freeze strawberries it is best in plastic dishes: trays for ice cream, disposable containers, you can even use plastic bottles. The latter should be pre-cut.

Strawberries do not tolerate re-freezing, so it is better to divide it into small portions that will definitely be able to master at one time. Utensils for freezing should be well washed and dried.

You can use plastic bags, but plastic in the cold it becomes very brittle and may break during storage.

Freezing whole strawberries

Wrap a plastic bag cutting Board or soroku plate. Place one layer of washed and dried berries on the whole plane. Place them in the freezer and leave for a day to strawberry grabbed.

Remove the berries from the freezer, remove them with the package so that the strawberries were inside. Place the packets of berries in the freezer now for long-term storage. This method is good because the berries in these portion packs do not stick together and do not spoil its shape.

How to freeze strawberries with sugar

Berries with sugar will give a bit of juice in the freezing process, but after thawing they will remain the same as prior to placement in the freezer - bright and fresh.

Take 1 kg of strawberries, about 300g of sugar. It is advisable to transform it into powder by using a grinder or a blender. Place the prepared berries in a plastic basin and pour each layer with powdered sugar. Put the strawberries in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. The berries should let the juice. Then transfer them together with the undissolved sugar into the container and pour the juice.

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