You will need
  • - scissors or secateurs;
  • - hoe;
  • - organic fertilizers.
Pruning the leaves of strawberries gives you excellent results, so this process should be conducted at least twice a year. Because of this, the strawberries will be larger and sweet. First time make pruning immediately after the bushes let's first mustache. The plants will grow berries, and that they have grown larger, you should trim your mustache.
During the beginning of flowering of strawberries, leave two or three stems, others remove. Remember, the more stems will be left on the Bush, the smaller will grow berries. During flowering and three weeks after it fertilize plants with mineral fertilizers.
The second time, cut the strawberries after harvest. After Bush, there is not a single berry, the plant begins to let his mustache, which is much weaker and thinner than the original. Because the plant has spent a lot of effort on development and growth of berries. Place for breeding the very first mustache, released by the plant in the spring, by fall they will have good offspring.
The end of July to early August is the best time for pruning strawberries. Make it simple: collect all the leaves of the Bush of strawberries in his left hand and cut, leave only the stems sticking out and a mustache with a good sturdy rosettes. Outlet slightly prikopat the ground, the roots started to grow in the ground and strengthened. After pruning loosen the ground and make organic fertilizer.
Some gardeners do not share the opinion that the leaves should be cut off. However, this is a must, as fall under rotting leaves and old may receive a variety of pests that feed on the remains of leaves and roots of strawberries. To avoid this, the ground should be loose and rich in oxygen, and the leaves lie on the ground or be embedded in it (so always cut the leaves in late summer). Only following all these rules, you will be able to get a rich crop of large berries.