You will need
  • seeds or planting material;
  • - seedling boxes;
  • - glass:
  • - peat pots;
  • - fertilizers;
  • - soil mix.
The basis of a stable and big harvest - strawberry varieties. A lot of them, and not hard to get confused with this variety. You should pay attention to the large-fruited, high-yielding varieties and hybrids, such as Zenga-Zengana, Geneva, Goldilocks, festival, Queen Elizabeth II, Lisa, Sasha, Russian size, Brighton etc. Some of them are everbearing, for example, Elizabeth II, Sasha, Lisa, Gigantella Maxim, Russian Size. Their bushes give a lot of strawberries until the first frosts, because it is continuously in bloom. To have these varieties on his plot, not necessarily to find planting material, you can just buy seeds and grow seedlings at home.
Sow strawberry seeds in February-March in the shallow seedling boxes filled excavation with a mixture of leaf soil and sand in the ratio of 1,5x1. Don't forget to put on the bottom drainage so the soil can breathe and not stagnate in her moisture. The seeds do not fall asleep, just lay them on the surface at a distance of 1 cm from each other , slightly pressing into the soil. Sprinkle the crops from a spray bottle and cover the box with glass.
Put seedling boxes with crops of strawberries in a warm place, dark and, most importantly, to be not less than 22 degrees. The seeds germinate for a long time, from 2 weeks to 3 months and even. Some varieties germinate even longer. When the green shoots do not remove the glass, otherwise they will die from the change of air humidity. Just move the boxes in a bright place. It does not miss the moment, because the seedling is pulled quickly from the lack of light.
Care of growing seedlings of strawberries is spraying it with water, accustomed to room air (a little push back glass) and weeding of weeds. When the seedlings appear 2 real leaf, her dive into individual pots. You can take a little peat, with a diameter of 7 cm a Few days after the pick young bushes pritenyayut from direct sunlight.
7 days after the pick swipe the first feeding with liquid fertilizer. You can take the "Ideal", "fitosporin" etc. Then once a week feeding, repeat, and if there is spider mite, a strange fly or flies, treat strawberry seedlings preparation "Fitoverm"," Actellic" or etc.
On the bed of strawberry seedlings are planted after the threat of the return of frost. Make grooves with spacing of 40-50 cm loose Fill them with humus, mixed with light earth. Put the strawberries in a single row band method, between plants keep a distance of 25 cm At planting not zaglubljaja growth point, but at the same time don't put very high up, exposing her. Pour over the strawberries.
Strawberries planted by this method, crop yields in the first year, although small. You only need to monitor the moisture content of the soil, loosen it, time to weed, to remove the mustache. By the way, some sort of mustache do not give, they just growing a Bush. And multiply this strawberry his division.