After collecting the last berries, remove any weeds, loosen the soil near the strawberry plants. The loosened soil to fertilize a small quantity of manure. Antennae can be removed immediately or spring. The aisles should also be cleaned of weeds and sprinkle them with sawdust or small branches.

It is not necessary to wait for autumn, as many do, to then only treat the beds with strawberries. Overgrown by the time the weeds will prevent the strengthening of the young shrubs of berries. In addition, the fall there is frost and there is a rainy weather. Strawberry bushes can grow to the cold, if their process is in summer immediately after harvest of the last crop. The strawberries should be sprinkled with dry leaves before the appearance of frost, or they can destroy. The garden, located on a hill to insulate it better, and the cold it will be not terrible.

Should you look closely, not sick bushes. If the leaves are irregular in shape, twisted and with a buttery sheen, they are affected tick. In this case, you must remove from the land all the old diseased bushes and burn them. Then cut off all the leaves, leaving the middle, and four times to process a biological product "Fitoverm" (the interval between treatments 4 days). This measure will allow to get rid of the weevil and aphids. You can handle the garden Bordeaux liquid.