Advice 1: How to care for strawberries

The strawberry is called the Queen of berries – it is very tasty and fragrant. To his garden to gather her baskets, to properly care for the plantings.
How to care for strawberries
You will need
  • - preparations against pests;
  • nitrogen fertilizer;
  • - potassium-phosphorous fertilizer;
  • black plastic film;
  • - the straw.
First, it is important to choose high yielding variety. Now varietal planting material you can freely buy not only in the markets, but also through the Internet. And it's not just sockets, but the seeds sown during the winter, you will receive young trees in the summer. Or even try out the first ones, although they still will not be enough. But the next year your beds will delight with a decent crop, if for strawberries to look right.
In winter, cover the strawberries with straw, if you live in cold regions. Additionally jot down the snow as soon as possible. After a long winter, remove the cover. Do it early, as soon as the snow starts to melt, otherwise the strawberries can vypret. If you still have the threat of frost simply open the straw, and all do not remove.
After the snow melts, paraglide soil. A strawberry treat from pests. For this purpose prepare a solution. Take 2 pellets of drugs "Healthy garden" and "Amberin" 2 drops "Zircon", drop 4 "Uniflora" and 6 drops of "Fitofarm". All of this is dissolved in 1 liter of water and spray bushes.
Feed the strawberries. For this approach to nitrogen fertilizer. They will strengthen the growth of the aerial part. Dilute the fertilizer according to the instructions and treat the soil in the beds. In summer, use a potassium-phosphate fertilizer, they will grow the crop.
Follow the soil moisture timely watering, loosen soil, remove weeds. You can cover the strawberries in black plastic wrap, making slits for the bushes. Under this shelter inhibited the growth of weeds, and caring for strawberries is much easier.
In the period of mass ripening of berries reduce watering, otherwise will rot. Some gardeners remove all of the emerging whiskers, so more nutrients flow to the ovaries.
After harvest, trim the mustache if you didn't delete them earlier, and if you don't expect the strawberries to reproduce. In the latter case, leave the first 1-2 sockets. When they are rooted, transplant them to a permanent place.

Advice 2 : How to care for strawberries in the summer to harvest

Great harvest and big juicy berries grown and harvested with his own – a real pride of the cottager. If during spring growth of roots and foliage is the most important task is to help the plant become stronger and not get sick, since June, need to monitor the condition of the bushes and then harvest the fruits. It is important to know how to care for strawberries in the summer to harvest.
How to care for strawberries in the summer to harvest


Care for strawberries in the summer: major works

  1. In the summer you need to keep the earth in the beds wet, make watering strawberries 4-3 about every day, in the heat of the day. Before flowering – sprinkler irrigation, during flowering and fruiting under the roots.
  2. Mulching the ground with sawdust, pine needles, wheat straw or lay under the bushes film. This will help to hold moisture, deter the growth of weeds and dirty fruit.
  3. Regularly inspect plant to identify pests or signs of disease, remove damaged parts.
  4. Feed the strawberries before flowering, and in its initial stage.

In time to collect ripe fruits from the peduncle. Как ухаживать за клубникой

Fertilizing strawberries

If you want to properly care for your strawberries, be sure to learn in a timely manner and in the right doses to fertilize the plants. A great natural fertilizer for blooming strawberries – the infusion of young nettle, which has a lot of potassium and nitrogen. Is necessary to make 200 g of nettle leaves a bucket of boiling water and infuse for two or three days. After that the liquid should be filtered, spray it in the bushes and feed the roots.

Before blossom can be made for each plant in 0,5 l of such a solution: potassium sulphate (5 g) and nitrophoska (25 g) diluted in a bucket of water. To strawberry gave more ovaries, can be used for spraying of 0.02% solution of zinc sulphate. It can be purchased at the pharmacy and drink a few hours before watering.

Experienced gardeners can give you many recommendations how to care for strawberries in the summer to get a good harvest. You will be able to assess what options give the best result on your garden beds.

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