First we need to determine the location and think about the style of the event. It may be different, but all the details should match the overall concept of the holiday: to be solemn and austere, stylized under a specific age and so on.
The decoration can be not only beneficial to emphasize the characteristics of the premises, but also to hide his shortcomings. The Arsenal of materials for this is quite large: paper design, draping of fabrics, garlands, posters, compositions from balloons, fruit baskets and of course flowers. The latter is particularly emphasize the luxury and exclusivity of the event, and guests can enjoy the lively atmosphere of comfort and freshness.
If hall equipped with a stage or podium, it is necessary to pay special attention to how the place that always will be the center of attention.
The decoration of the stage should not divert attention from acting on it, but it has to fit the overall style of the hall. If the platform part is missing, the Central figure becomes a place to be the hero of the day. Here, by the way, stylish inconspicuous poster on the wall (behind the birthday boy), an arrangement of balloons or paper shapes in the form of an arch, numbers, date, etc.
Carefully should be well thought out and the design of tables. Tablecloths are required to harmonize with the interior and have muted shades in order not to divert attention from of the meals served.
If the table of the celebrant rectangular and is perpendicular to the main part of the hall, in the Central part it is advisable to place low lying symmetrically or cascading arrangement of flowers. If the table is round in shape, a small bouquet placed in the center.
On the tables guests also desirable to arrange the bouquets, or place each guest in a separate tiny bowl. It is important to remember that flowers with a strong smell will distract the guests, but the buds with the pollen can stain tablecloths, or even worse, clothes.
Don't forget individual plates and linen napkins for guests. Original will look draped fabric chairs.
The room itself is decorated so that the decorations do not interfere with the guests. Columns and arches can drape fabric, decorate with garlands, flowers and balloons. The bulk composition of the latter can be placed in the center or around the perimeter of the hall.
If the budget allows, in the center of the room can be placed an original ice sculpture in conjunction with candles or flowers. Such a surprise will cause a genuine admiration of the guests.